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I am the person who will destroy China.

No One Ever Is To Blame

Well, John Mellencamp finally cut a song that I actually like. "Walk Tall". Plus, it's got a very Harrison guitar riff in there. I heard this on WDKB after that wonderful song, noted above...

WDKB is a pretty good station. But I can't STAND listening to it because the DJs are complete idiots.

In fact, there is no such thing as a decent DJ in this area, ESPECIALLY in the mornings. However, there is an old sounding guy on WQFL (WQLF? something with a Q...) - a good "classic rock" station - who isn't too bad, and is fairly witty at times.

I think that's all I have to say. And now, here's my parody Spriingsteen song:

Living For Food (From the Understate)

My name Gringo and I'll sing you a song
About a rock and roll hullaballoo:
One day I went ripping up the Interstate
Looking for sweet Daffy Sue
The sun went down and I drove for hours
Across them dark Thunder Plains
When I burst through the refinery towers
My gut rumbled hunger pangs
For barbecued chicken
I jumped from my Cadillac
And called up my Sue
And said, "Honey, there's something wild and crazy
I really want you to do, oh!

"Come on Daffy put your foot on the gear
Deliver me a pizza
And a couple of cases
Of cheap union beer
I'll be waiting here under the hood
It's times like these when baby
We're just living for food!"

My Daffy took off like a bat out of hell
Over the stateline through Lincoln County
Straight up to the grocery on the hill
With a shotgun in her hand
And she loaded up with canned ham
Tuna fish and potatoe salad
And the richest coffee in the land
And man did that leg of lamb look good!
I said, "Little Daffy Sue, me and you
We're just living for food!"

We stuffed our faces 'til we were stupid
And drank all the spirits out of the night
Until brother Joe the local state trooper
Drove up looking for a bight
"Listen, bro, you've got to pay for this haul"
He screamed out in the morning rain
Then sad little Sue answered the call
Of a lonely southbound train
She said, "Gringo, I'd stay, but I'm not in the mood
We can't really afford this living
Living for food!"

Now I pick cranberries for a fly-by-night penitentary
Making my life from hand to mouth
Sometimes I sit around and think of Sue and things to eat
Then I start to gross out

Last night I dreamed of mountains of donuts
And swimming in a river of beans
Then I awoke without any stomach
My skin had turned into cellophane

I guess a life of dreams just ain't no good
When the icebox is dry and you're dying
Dying for food!

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Daffy, we were only dying for food!


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