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I am the person who will destroy China.



i've made my notes about rising censorship. about how we must avoid certain words or anagrams in LJ because big brother is watching. or about suspicious clicks on the telephone. or the tragic hacking and control of my new laptop. or of the selective removal of pics on myspace; the invasion of phisher-hackers on myspace, and lately, the attempted ownership by facebook of pics of it's account-holders. then there were things like swear words on GMA or exposed boobs at football games, inviting expensive fines. but i have witnessed a number of salient new examples - let's see if i can remember them... there have been several substantive articles about the world economy, written in germany and england, etc., which are being banned from being published, (also on-internet), in the USA. i saw this for myself when i went to the radical BBC WORLD SERVICE site to link to the latest episode of THE INTERVIEW, which had some major points and ideas about the economy - only to find that the web page for those programmes would not be presented. the other day, Thomm Hartmann was broadcasting from Germany, and went to a live interview with some 1960's radical - and when the F(bee)I was mentioned, Thomm was disappeared, while you'd hear the radical saying DAMN! in frustration. this happened twice, and then the live interview was replaced by a dif segment of Thom's show. similarly, i've often heard the Allex Yones show suddenly replaced with football games.
there is much talk about the rise of a replacement internet, where servers control content, and you must pay to get to a limitted number of acceptible corporate sites. well, with the fall of newspapers, and the sad state of TV news, what happens to freedom of speech if INTERNET 2 takes over, or if the current internet is knocked by a sudden virus, government control, deep economic collapse, or nuclear or solar ElectroMagnetic Pulses? every so often, civilisation destroys it's own vast wealth of technology/knowledge, and is forced to begin all over again, from the dirt up. it seems our very contrarian nature of wanting power and freedom for all, but mostly for ME, and the very superfluating nature of our economies, inevitably leads to end times, over and over. ("take people from pittsburgh pennsylvania! - just spare me!")
the prophet girls from spain, who are to warn us 8 days before THE END, had visions where not one motor would work, and people starved for water in a firey land. and then the fatima girls saw some huge horrible fire coming from the sky. just for the record. actually, generally, prophets eventually are proven "right", like 100 monkeys, because they are so vague or symbolic, and the fractals of nature, and of our mankind which began from a handful of people, chaotically reorganise themselves in self-similar phenomena across a vast range, and so end times come and they go and they come again, reminding me of a song by GENERAL PUBLIC...
well, what i can say is at least be sure you use condoms - and extensive internet security software, including anti-keyloggers, but research and be sure THESE programmes aren't themselves agents of hackers or etc. one thing that helps ward off keyloggers is: before you type a password, type other jargon - then highlight this and then push delete - then type your password. it won't work if you just delete backwards or forward. another smart thing: type your entries or letters on a dif computer, or before you log on, then cut and paste the whole thing. this fights keyloggers, some word-spies, and minimises your time online, which lessens the chance of hackers and viruses, etc. also, if you can, use a good router, which works like a firewall. and erase sites visitted, temp internet files, etc.
what's the ONLY state with the lowest unemployment; the only state budget SURPLUS; it's OWN STATE BANK; millions of unretrieved oil underground, and a good location for wind energy and an over-heating planet? this best-of-places is NORTH DAKOTA - which is now joining us in end times with impending catastrophic flooding.




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