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hey yoos - hope new year is great for yoos

i don't know what's up w/ my jnl - i think it is infected with a hacker or something - it doesn't post lj-cuts right (if at all) - plus there are strange nympho's adding me

sorry i have to go soon - i'll be back here at the library in a day or two methinks - i don't have any intense comments at the moment - and i forgot to bring my floopies - so here's an old post saved on my email notepad:

mon oct 27 7:30
i like to watch how ideas - even simple ones, words and phrases, are introduced into common currency.  for example, the brand of "CARABOU BARBIE" on sarah palin was introduced by beloved insane talk show host, STEPHANIE MILLER, (LA), several months ago.  there was a time when "something(?) mcmooseburger" was a major contender, but carabou barbie quickly won out.  well, it sufaced on SNL from sarah palin's own lips two saturdays ago.  that was fun. 
during that SNL show, i noted two or three instances where SNL used references that probably could only have been gleemed from listening to chicago progressive radio.  since i didn't take notes, i can't remember them.  but it reveald to me that some SNL writers are in Chicago, which isn't a stretch, because Chicago/ Second City, was the birthplace of SNL.  so that was fun.
nut imagine my pride when i heard NIGHTLINE (last thursday) say that sarah palin had been dubbed, "THE KILLA FROM WASSILA".  well, that term was introduced by YOURS TRULY several weeks ago.  and i deliberately planted it in a post to the AIR AMERICA LJ community some time later.  now - i don't know if this was in AMY POLLER'S rap song, and so i don't know how it went public.  but i knew it would work.  the rap bit also included killing a moose, which reminded me of my I KILLED A MOOSE AND I LIKED IT - which was a SONG (i kissed a girl), which also ended up in a MAD TV skit the same night.
but i am also aware that ideas can come from a thousand directions, so there is no telling whether i truly originated "killa from wassila" or not.  if i could scan all media signals, maybe i could know.  but the fun part is in throwing something out there, and figuring out where it truly came from, which is impossible.  so i don't take credit - for all i know, palin was called that in fairbanks a year ago.  but it also is entirely possible.  that's why i keep plugging away.  and my bigger ideas.  i know they make their way out too. 
well - i do know for a fact that i have introduced one or two things into common currency.  everybody is guilty of this - and i think it is amazing.  a recent time this might have happened to me...  i was listening to some talk show and i noticed that he was saying everything i had said in a post a while back - it almost scared me - there were at least five major points he made that i had said out of my own original brain.  so - maybe it was just the collective consciousness.  but at least i believe that, even if i simply THINK something, and don't even post it, i am continuing to contribute to the voyage of humanity.  and so are you, no matter how dark your life may seem.  it's all pretty damn cosmic.
i forgot to mention that it twas I whom waseth the first person who, many years ago, coined the word "coinkidink" (ko-ink-E-dink, meaning "coincidence")...  when, ONE DAY, i actually heard stephanie miller use it, i was filled with pride and joy and detergent and air fresheners  -  a friend of mine used to say "ridickledack" a lot, but i pronounced it "ridickleDOCK", which is prolly why it never really caught on.

also - i once called up an NPR special talk show about the upcoming election, and after that i heard unusual phrases or ideas i made then REPEATED eleswhere on radio or TV ---  not a lot, and nothing special....  but i just find it fascinating how social discourse is generated and propagated...  for example, i said "al gore doesn't GIVE A LICK about politics"...  how often do you hear "GIVE A LICK"?  soon after the show, i heard it several times elsewhere.  so cool.
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