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yingle yangle

and i can do anything! - I Am Santa Clause (Iron Man parody)  /   WowLights.com - I am Santa Claus

i leave little food nuggets out for the squirrels on my back porch.  they be glad.  but sometimes i let the dog out too fast and scare them shitless when i open the back door.  so i did it delicately this time.  and the-there squirrel hopped up a tree and stared down at me talking to him/her.  i made squirrel noises to let him know i am his santa claus.  suddenly, he dashed around to the front of the trunk - vulnerable.  then i saw: a great hawk was flying low to gobble him up.  now he will associate that fear with my big monkey face.  are we all just monkey santas to the thunder birds?  (Argentavis magnificens)   
Xenophilia - Cryptozoology 2005  /  Pterodactyls | Misc | Strange Days | Fortean Times UK     

YouTube - Tiger Temple - Thailand

if you want to know what true wisconsin people sound like...
YouTube - Yingle (Jingle) Bells- Yogi Yorgesson or else they sound like an old girlfriend from madison (this isn't her)... Big Buck Hunting

sorry i can't do more - gotta run - happy happy
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