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what's the deal with republicans - part 2

(oct 24 cont'd)... (this is only about BAD republicans)

ok - the purpose of this post is to do good on ya. so i am making an effort, this friday night...yo...

my last post started off about republicans - go there first if you mist it: ATLAS SHRUGGED:....................
mostly, it's ideas in my head. so this won't take long... republicans. ok. republicans are not original. they are not originators. they are reactive. they react. they are not creative - they are playing according to fight-or-flight - they are constantly weighing all incoming information according to whether it either squares with propriety/morality, or with their lustful cravings - like "can i use this person to help me make more money?" - "or to improve my power status?"... in the authority hierarchy?... They do not innitiate new ideas - they are conservative... Like alien greenspan, they want to stick to WHAT SEEMED TO WORK for the last 40 years, even though the last 40 years was TOTALLY WRONG and all it actually portends is the end of civilisation. that's because they are all heavilly invested in the people at the top who hold all the power and wealth - so - even if civilisation is destroyed, it will still prolly be GREAT for all those people at the TOP - and they want a piece of THAT action. dreams. risk. hunger. greed. is god. they are so busy weighing incoming info, and comparing it to malformed schemae, that they don't have time to be creative, intuitive, imaginative, original. they are filled with stress, fear, lust. instead, they weigh things out according to who should be punished and who should be rewarded, according to the SCHEME, but more importantly, according to THEMSELVES. they fit into the scheme for only one reason: personal gain, which includes safety.

but there is one problem with hueing to the scheme of the TOP. and that is this: the TOP is SUPPOSED to reprsent WHERE SOCIETY SHOULD BE HEADING: THE FUTURE. Too many time, people invest themselves in "THE TOP" when in fact it is not heading into the future of (DEMOCRATIC) society. In fact, it is full of tenuous, intenable RISK. The future in which they are investing is a NOWHERE. IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. that is the major flaw in throwing your weight behind authority - because authority IS NOT GOD. much as you may like it to be.

now - i have to include some lilly-livered liberal addendum... The fact is this: creativity is ultimately reactive, and reactivity is ultimately creative. it all depends on the stress. a matter of degree. we are dealing in realativity here. as always. but for the most part, the comparison still holds: republicans are unoriginal. they prey on OTHER people's originality. other people's labour. other people's money. other people's "moral depravity".

and they go out of their way to convince people that certain people are immoral. especially the poor. it's highschool on a major scale. it's life and death. but a selfish game for them.

republicans never dared to ask WHY? or if they did, they adhered to the smack-in-the-face many of them encountered. because they are wimps. scared and self-detesting. seeking only one way out: projecting their sins upon any apparently vulnerable oncomer. shouting and shouting and making noise but never sense or sensibility. they disgust me.
so - i asked myself: why are republicans unoriginal? i have answered this question. i think adequately - but there can be other reasons than fear and greed. but i don't care to get involved in a complete discussion on this here. one humane explanation is that THEY REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE IN THE ABSTRACTS THAT HAVE BEEN FED TO THEM. and so. forgive them. at least after they are locked up. because they are fuckin crazy. but another reason is that THEY ARE DESPERATELY AFRAID OF GIVING UP THEIR POWER OR THEIR BELIEF IN ATTAINING POWER.

but this leads into a discussion of current politics. it is extremely easy to figure out republican campaign stregedies. what they do is this: they react. they are keenly tuned into what liberals are saying OR WHAT THEY MIGHT SAY, and so they react to it immediately, with mass-disseminated talking points and so forth. how do they react? they copy it! what liberals are saying about THEM, they immediately accuse liberals of the same things! it is insane. man - i could give a thousand examples, but not right now, cuz i'm drunking. later on this. but believe me. so... let's end this here and pick up later...

i just want to mention one thing. how did we get to a point where the banks are completely divorced from the money managers, who are completely divorced from the investors? greenspan didn't know. do you? i do. and now i am going to concentrate on my links...

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