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atlas shrugged

Posted on 2008.10.24 at 15:42
some republicans are good. so when i refer to "republicans" here, i am referring to MOST republicans, and ESPECIALLY FACISTS...

republicans are easy to figure out... a scientific study has actually shown that angsty bitter complaining republicans were once whiny, crying little babies. bullies generally grow up to be republicans, and bullies generally have no true spine. greedy people are mostly republican, but they can also be controlling opportunists who seek opportunities in the democratic party. and i also feel that republicans, because they fear authority, never got into the habit of asking WHY? and therefore, they never tended to develop a robust and interconnected model of the world - only, for the most part, an abstract construct - a land of symbols - handed down from the authorities - who, were generally duplicitous - as would become their protégés.

republicans are reptilian - trapped in flight or flight - FEAR versus DESIRE - (and, all Buddhists know that all harm in this world is caused by desire).  they have no choice but to be inconsistent, and ultimately self-contradictory and hypocritical.  they have their souls or their heads in the clouds of morality, and they have their temptations or LITTLE heads in the dirt of damnation.  so, from this contradiction, there proceeds an endless explosion of hierarchicalised order/disorder - never satisfied but to consume the whole planet and all it's minds.

i think i'll continue this later - lots of good stuff to come yo

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