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wow - William ShatnerCommon People – Listen free at Last.fm
more videos:
william shatner common people

101 reasons not to vote for john mccain:
View the complete list so far here!

Is Sarah Palin a liability? - The VP candidate finds herself in hot water again, and the latest polls show she's hurting John McCain. » Fallout - Her recent missteps blow up on Web
- PALIN FACE slideshow and more to be found at HUFFINGTON POST:

VotersUnite - A non-partisan national grassroots network for fair and accurate elections.

where to call for funny business at the polls - or questions you have - 1/866/OUR-VOTE

bill clinton's special project that can hook you up with small and large charity missions etc. around the world -
Our Commitment - a non-profit group.

things which COULD have links...
cbs/nyt poll puts obama 14 points ahead...
scholastic magazine predicts obama as winner...
the PENTAGON supports obama...
most economists from THE ECONOMIST support obama...
katie couric supports the economist...

Video: John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

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