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oor wullie

a call for help somewhere in the nevada desert ...

Posted on 2008.10.01 at 18:45

yeah - well - the revised EESE BAIL-OUT bill is pushing forth.  it's not that i am stupid and reactionary, and see it simply as a bail-out for rich bastards, which it is.  in fact, there a a whole nuther story - a much wider history - to this whole issue, and i maintain that this bill should not be passed.

so here are some other solutions and/or amendments, updated, which i urge you to consider e-mailing to your congressional representative....

and ...
there is more in recent posts about this and that such as this and this - a history of baloney :
Now: all about NEVADA! - - -

i'm sure you know this story about
Steve Fossett ... Authorities: Items found by hiker could belong to Steve Fossett  -  did this have anything to do with Area 51???

have you ever heard this?  is this a fake?  pilot shot down over AREA 51, (in 1997) ... 
YouTube - Area 51 caller calls back on Art Bell's Coast to Coast

and did you know that PROBABLY
D. B. Cooper survived a drop near Vancouver, WA, but then got to Nevada, where he subsequently lived and died?!?!  (SEEKING LINK!))   -  or was that in Depoe Bay, OREGON?  New Suspect in D.B. Cooper Case to Be Named - Associated Content

and did you know that PROBABLY the guy who said he ran into HOWARD HUGHS in the Nevada desert, WAS NOT LYING?  a lawsuit is pending.... so is a link.... by....

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