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time to jump off buildings

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 17:51
well - it didn't pass!  what a lot of strange noise.  i could talk forever about it but i am heading out so i can breath.

but for now - here are a few things we need in the GOOD EESE next time...

- repeal the new bankruptsy laws - they are greatly responsible for the whole thing

- put a .5% STET tax on every securities trade - that will bring in $300 billion a year and also stabalise wide market swings
How Wall Street Can Bail Itself Out Without Destroying The Dollar ...

- same for making trades completely visible to the public

- eliminate NAKED short-selling by enforcing existing regulations

- put a moratorium on foreclosures and establish an agency to help rewrite mortgages at a fixed rate over 30 years each


- do NOT reward BORROWERS as this bill would have done but LENDERS of credit!

- create a national energy & oil company

- put a limit on all golden parachutes

- put massive investments into infrastructure and green energy

- increase the minimum wage!  duh!


- limit to TWO the number of times a loan/security can be leveraged, limiting total leverageability, (e.g., 1-10)

- disallow corporate board members from belonging to the boards of OTHER corporations - (oh i wish)

- increase FICA-insured bank deposits to: $200,000 personal; $400,000 small business; $500,000 personal IRA.

- outlaw the ability of banks to lobby congress and other candidates of government!

- do not reward INVESTMENT BANKS or operations (BORROWERS), but DO reward, OR NATIONALISE, banks (LENDERS) (until those banks are fit enough to sell again in the market)

- OVERSIGHT: a constitutional ammendment is necessary to allow crucial congressional oversight of such an act of the executive branch.

- address the flight of illegal aliens which contributed to housing foreclosures

- instead of bailing out toxic assets, simply insure new bank extensions of credit to the public.  for example: $5,000+ loan per student towards college attendance; $5,000+ loan per household towards green energy home improvement; $5,000+ loan to any person on social security towards any venture; $10,000 per small business for capital improvements, inventory, or green energy.  these loans would be at 1% interest over 15 years - and if they are defaulted on, then the gov't would cover them.  this would bring in a rush of bottom-up investment, and a new source of HEALTHY bundled securities!

- rationalise bundling!

- repeal the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Modernization Act of 1999 -
Glass-Steagall Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- place moderate tariffs on products from "our" corporations which have moved overseas.

- end the tax-free behaviours of current US corporations, as in buy-lease tax shelters, and other loopholes; and illegalise business with tax-hevened corporations such as those in the virgin islands.


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2008-10-01 23:43 (UTC) (Lien)
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