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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

oh my goodness it's all nuts...

john mccain is all concerned about voter fraud! when all the fraud has been coming from the republicans, ELECTORAL FRAUD: in ohio in 2004, which handed them the election. in florida in 2000, which handed them the election. in alabama, which illegally put the dem governor Seigelman in jail, and handed them the election. in indiana they managed to steer away thousands of black voters. in new mexico they tried to change the electoral college results. and everywhere else. And now, 2008, they are trying to knock off valid voters in michigan according to home foreclosures. (and thanks, btw, for all those home foreclosures, phil graham 1999, now mccain's economic advisor). in wisconsin, oregon, and other states, they have been sending out false voter registration forms with incorrect information, trying to get voters not to disqualify themselves, or to go to the wrong polls. in indiana they are requiring a voter ID, which excludes hundreds of poor voters. the party continues to BLAME AMERICA: phil graham called it a nation of whiners. eric fleischer blamed the currently economic crisis on the greed of people trying to buy homes, when it was the banks and speculators. and now Hank Paulson, who profited (for 16 years) as CEO OF GOLDMAN-SACKS, (the same corporation which will PROFIT THE MOST FROM HIS $700 BILLION BAIL-OUT from taxpayers, owning $632.4 million of stock and creating the junk debt in the first place), is saying taxpayers are to blame. And where will he go after the Bush Administration? BACK TO GOLDMAN-SACKS! (Just as Karl Rove is prepping himself for a talking-head position on one of the networks). (see also asterick below). (you can read about their strategy of shocking and privatizing and bankrupting and POLICE-STATING this country just like Friedman's CHICAGO BOYS did to CHILE in the latest book by Naomi Kline, "THE SHOCK DOCTORS" - listen to interview when it posts on Stephanie Miller).

Yes, john mccain and company owns 10 homes and 13 cars. But how many lobbyists work for his campaign who were a part of the Fannie-May corruption? 26! That's two lobbyists for every car. That's one lobbyist for every year mccain has been in the government. And what does the "DEREGULATOR", who was partly responsible for THE SAVINGS AND LOAN CRISIS, say?

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong." - and now: "this crisis greatly troubles me" and "it is essential for the economy to stimulate the growth of the GOVERNMENT, i mean the economy..." and "You must not let this (BAIL-OUT) bill decide your vote for me... You must make your decision based on how this crisis is SOLVED" (i.e., the BAIL-OUT BILL). HE NOW SUPPORTS REGULATION - I MEAN SOCIALISM FOR PROFITEERS. * And how about THIS zinger?.. Freddie’s Friend

This bail-out thing is insane for us, but completely lucrative for them.

The Army's FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION is being deployed IN THE U.S.A. for anticipated "CROWD CONTROL". That's why there was so much HEAVY SECURITY at the conventions, because it was planned in case the "crisis" occurred PRIOR to the conventions. And that's why the government has been building concentration camps. FOR US.

OK - I will get back to discussing the fallacy of the BAIL-OUT tomorrow hopefully. But for now, just know that the banks and the government tried THE SAME THING in 1931, with devastating results. 

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