I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

doin stuff

I woke up this morning and - dang - I'm black!

Talked to neighbor dude. He asked if I went after the guy who took my pic. I said yeah, but I talked to his wife. I said the guy must have just liked the back end of my husky doll for some reason. Then the dude goes, "Do you know his wife?" (joking) I smile and say, "Not yet." This cracks the neighbors up.

Then I'm coming back to my car after buying coffee at Octane. There is this HUGE black guy walking towards me. He takes his hands out of his pockets and it looks like he's got seomthing there... but he's just warming his hands. And he sees my car and laughs. So I say as I pass, "That's MY car!" And he giggle-laughs. Then I see him again as I'm driving on the East side, and i give a honk. He smiles. Doesn't hurt to make new friends...

Then I'm in the library parking lot, and some older black guy shouts "Hey!" When I'm outta the car he says, "I thought you was a taxi! ha ha... Hey - you left somethin on you car!" I go, "He just jumped up there by himself!" He goes, "No, somebody might TAKE it!" And I say, "Somebody ain't took it yet!"

Well, people think my car is fly, but it smells terrible inside right now. I spilt a bottle of brocolli-water in there. Or maybe it's the pizza that's been lying around....

But I see funny cars more and more these days. Today I saw a huge Rooster car, with a giant head, and a giant tail, leaving an intersection. I swear to god!!!!!!!!

Gotta go........

More later..........

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