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monkey buz

Posted on 2008.08.06 at 15:33

first, i went and bought some brocolli and sunflower seeds...

i actually went and got a "HANDICAPPED" ID at the local bus stop.  even though the only time i catch busses is when i'm feeling pretty good.  i figure that it is still OK for me to pay half price for the bus since i am so fricken poor due to CFS.  when i was at the station, i was looking at the guy preparing the ID - through a large window.  on the other side of his room, there was a window looking outside.  so i was looking through their room and out that window, when this crazy looking handicapped black guy walked across, giving the guys inside THE FINGER.  it was funny and yet creepy.  so they went into emergency alert and tried to catch this guy who could hardly walk and looked retarded.  i was almost expecting a star-trek emergency siren to go off, etc.

then i went to the public safety building to pay a fee and to also try to contact the community police officer about illegal dumping on our property.  i walked up to the security scanner, where you empty your change and go through a scanner.  there were about ten cops operating the stupid little place.  when i put down my little bag of groceries, one cop was almost yelling: "what's in THERE?  what's in THERE!.."  i told him it was brocolli.  after he got over his shock, he giggled and all the cops kissed me.

then i went to the library and paid bills over the phone.  that librarian girl showed up for work and walked by and we refused to look at each other but apparently she looks pretty hot.  (monday on the bus - i also ignored that crazy artist girl i met two weeks ago - even though she was sitting directly across and waving - cuz she pissed me off).

anyway - i'm off to stores or else home.  it depends.

so here's some links on cryptozoology, etc....

the previously mentioned
Montauk Monster


Coast to Coast AM With George Noory

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Urban Legends


Is Bush the Antichrist?: A Culture of Corruption

Chupacabra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Report: Nearly half world's primates face extinction - CNN.com

woohoo!  homo sapiens ROCKS!  ps - happy hiroshima day



Evil Tracey
eviltracey at 2008-08-07 04:17 (UTC) (Lien)
I don't think that Bush is the AntiChrist, but I think he is a Fake Christian and a hypocrite of the lowest order. Unfortunately, there are many people like him.

Let me tell you about one of my coworkers. He claims to be a devout Christian. Yet he supports a provincial government that delights in picking on the weakest members of our society and that only exists to provide goodies to their fat cat buddies. Jesus would probably be royally pissed with them.

The first thing this government did upon gaining power is cut off a vast number of social services (e.g., provincial medical plan coverage of paramedical procedures, such as physiotherapy and massage therapy) and make it harder to get welfare. Most recently, they changed the disability benefits regs to cut off benefits to adults whose IQs are above 70. This last thing was done behind closed doors, without even informing the public.

Anyways Coworker was telling us an anecdote about how he went to one of our local missions for the poor (he condescendingly calls them "soup kitchens") and encountered a prostitute. He gave her a chocolate bar and thought that this made him quite the humanitarian. I'm thinking "Yeah, but you voted in the government that probably pushed her out on the streets, and is keeping her there."

Sorry for the rant. Bush and his ilk make me foam at the mouth.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2008-08-11 20:36 (UTC) (Lien)
now here's where we agree 100%

well - even the "liberal" members of my family rub me the same way - not because they voted for Republicans - but because they have enabled the autocrat conservatives in my family - allowing them more and more power. their words are worth nothing to me. and the power elites in my family, they are the ones i feel about exactly the same way you feel about your co-worker

what you describe in canada is shocking and unforgiveable. esp. the IQ thing - completely insane. i do think the middle class is under siege so that neocons can profit off of uncontested wars, and easily control society.

i completely agree with your rant, and it feels like the story of my life - constantly witnessing this crap going on. and now i can't move to canada either cuz of the disability clause? and do you know about the new NON-FREE internet being introduced, first in CANADA?
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