I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

here come the planes

 i am mainly posting because i thought a walk to the library would wake me up - so i could go back home and do garden work

i often think about that lost tribe discovered in amazonia - where the dudes where shooting arrows at the planes or helicopters.  the western world goes on with it's life, and millions of things are happening.  but those guys in the lost tribe, they are still scratching their heads and saying "what the fuck WAS that?"  they are lying down in bed with their wives or equivalents and looking up at their thatched ceilings in the dark and pouting and acting like they conquered some MONSTER GODS when they really are scared that those damn things will come back - at any time!  what does this mean?!  what the fuck happened?!  and if we leave that tribe alone, they could spend the next thousand years saying what the fuck and creating this whole big what the fuck religion around it. 

i've been watching china tv (FBT?) where they have a half an hour of news in english,  New Tang Dynasty Television - lots of good info from around the world - like the japanese community in sao paulo brazil, or the custard pie throwing contest in england, etc.  and when it goes back to chinese, i start shouting chinese to my dog.

i cooked the turkey and it was the best ever.  the meat is moist and just melts off the bone.  dog lovie lovie.  if you want to lean my perfected cooking method just ask.  the stuffing was half veggies and also turned out good - slightly sweet - but it was too peppery cuz i thought a pepper container was actually celery salt.  i know eating meat is wrong - but it is actually very useful when you are dirt poor.  dirt sucks.

um - i was walking down the street and some drunken white lady was walking up the other side of the street, lead by her boyfriend, and she yells at me, "where did YOU come from?!" - i yelled back, "Heaven!" and pointed at the sky.  her bf laughed and said "good answer!".  when she finely comprehended the joke she laughed and walked away so i said, "Go in peace."  my theory is that if you confuse people enough they will go away.

that's all for now - do a little dance


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