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I am the person who will destroy China.


i can't believe no one read my last post about the cougars! etc. i tell you, i am wasting my creativity.  http://madman101.livejournal.com/666580.html
i think i will just get a new HD for my main laptop, instead of fixing the old HD. it will only cost me a little over $100 to do that AND get a faster processor. the only prob is i don't know if there will be any stuff loaded on the HD, and so I am dreadful fear of viruses, if i don't have a security swete. i have a Compaq Presario v2000 - anyone know where i can get a loaded HD for it?
i also have three cell phones - unusable - so i will be buying a charger and batteries, if only to make 911 calls - like when i get tailgated.
i have a FRS base station, but lost my two FRS radios, (i think one fell into the toilet). so i ordered two more plus a charger last night. i'll keep them in my car, for hiking adventures, etc. but the catalogue gave the impression that i was spending $15 when i was actually spending $30. i also ordered 7 harmonicas in ALL KEYS, for only $30. - i am playing harmonica again and jammin and i pulled out the electric guitar and hooked it up to a little amp. rockin.
last night i ordered two large pizzas from LUIGI's in rockford. today i discovered that they had charged me TWO TIMES. so i called and the italiano lady said she only charged me once, so i have to talk to my bank, etc. it almost seems like every damn thing has to be really complicated cuz everybody wants your money.
ha ha - i called CRAP-SCRAPPERS to ask them to take away the two giant pizza ovens in our garage for free - cuz they once said they wanted them. but i was drunk and i told the lady on the phone that she reminded me of the blonde lady from MY NAME IS EARL. they never called me back.
i went grocery shopping with kurska today. i planned on getting more rice - like about a tonne - but i just got rice flour. for now. and other stuff - like one bundle of dandelion which is enormous - i don't know what to do! i've been cooking some damn good stuff lately. i gave some stuff to my aunt. star jones looks like a different person. and EARL looks like mark twain. (Thursdays on NBC are great btw). and that lady from king of queens always entrances me - i don't know why - plus she sucks as a parent. 

this morning the gate was open so i had to call kurska inside before she got to it. i thought "well maybe it was the wind." but someone had also tossed up a railroad tie in our drive. so yeah - prolly the same people who keep throwing food and beer bottles in our back yard. so i made the back porch light a little brighter, and then i went and put a battery in my driveway alarm. meanwhile, kurska slips out the gate behind me. so i started looking for her, and three black women next door said she was OK - so i'm looking around to see her - nowhere to be seen but - oh wait - SHE WAS IN THEIR FRICKEN CAR! stupid bitch. she was looking forward to a drive with me all morning - so she just got into THEIR car. they were going to take her to the shelter. damn - in all of a few minutes! so i chatted with them - it was cool. (it was also cool that i warned some neighbours that the cops were coming last night. they appreciated that. i am so pathetically cool). anyway, kurska wandered about while we chatted, and then she pissed in front of their house, near the street. i joked about it and it was cool. but then i saw that she had actually crapped. not so cool.  but sweet revenge, because i think they were the ones in my yard. i'll wait a day and then clean it up. sweet, sweet karma - even better than cherry bombs.
although, one of the black girls looked pretty hot - she was wearing Sheryl crow sunglasses, and was basically white except for about 16%. she kept smiling at me. it made my nape tingle. ha ha. but trouble. that's just trouble. i can't take her to clubs so the hell with that.
now on to more important matters. you can expect the next democratic presidential candidate (in 2012 or else 2016) to be named ED... because i suddenly had a vision (male hunch)... the next candidate will be a no-bones, loud-mouth, tell-it-like-you-see-it asshole cool guy who has had enough with republican bullshit - BUT EVEN MORE - with the niceties of Obama or Clinton. roll up those sleeves! get down to business! offend!! shout louder than Limbaugh! champion the redneck union man! damn the Chinese! i tell you - this is going to happen. so then i started thinking about who would fill these boots - and they were all named Ed. Ed Rendell, governor of PA. Ed Shultz, radio talk show host who called McCain a WAR-MONGER. And some other Ed i forgot who he was. But John EDwards could also fit the bill, kinda. And so could Ed Kennedy. Plus, any of you who have ever slept with me prolly knows by now that i refer to my partner in crime as BIG ED. Therefore, you may one day elect my penis into office.
I can think of worse things.
Always boring, always surprising. That's me!
ps - here's my health and beauty post - i wanted to add more to it but i have since forgotten what all that was. so if you have any stuff you want to add, please let me know before i post this in communities, k? thanks....
As a person concerned with health and appearance, i thought i would write about some of the great tips i have learnt. Also, as a person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, i am uniquely sensitive to the effects of nutrients and toxins on the body. I have also studied physiology and the brain. So, I have learnt a lot, and I want to share some of this with you. We all know that beauty begins on the inside - what you eat is probably the most important factor in how healthy you look.
First of all - some generals... SUGAR is tragic for the body - it disturbs insulin regulation and so increases aging. It breaks down collagen in the skin. It also impacts the brain and accelerates aging and memory loss. It can also feed cancers.   I have know two cancer victims who developed a craving for sugars, and I had to sit idly by while their caregivers satisfied their cravings out of pity, when this only had a destructive effect. There is no difference between fructose and sucrose as far as the impact on the body. (Others will claim differently). However, most fruits contain anti-oxidants which help counter the bad effects of fructose.   Honey is only good insofar as it ALSO includes a wealth of vitamins and minerals and many unfathomed nutrients which are probably very positive for the body.   Diet sodas are hardly more helpful to the body than sugar sodas, since they also disrupt insulin. However, the best sugar substitutes are sucralose and stevia - sacharin is of course considered bad, and aspartame, i.e., NutraSweet, has, in my experience, serious though insidious effects on the nervous system, especially to more sensitive people. I would highly advise avoiding it. When thinking of sugar, we should also think of fast-impacting carbs like those found in potatoes and refined flour. Even wonderful oatmeal contains these. Potatoes have good proteins and vitamins, and oatmeal has considerable benefits, so eat these things "strategically".
SMOKING is probably the worst thing you can do to your body or to beauty. It also breaks down skin collagen. It may bring weight down a little, but recent studies have shown it increases belly fat and accelerates balding - just like alcohol. Why? Because it deprives you of oxygen. It increases the load of toxins and carcinogens so much that the body has little initiative left to build health progressively, as it wants to do. The ONLY thing to do is to quit - and the good news is that quitting WORKS as far as health goes, and i have heard that the skin also improves.   I have quit before, and I do have some personal tips on that. It helps to have a few days where you can just laze about and rest when you are quitting - if you are comfy, the nerves won't demand cigarettes so much. It also helps a LOT if you cut down by not smoking at least an hour before you go to bed, or an hour after you wake up.   A good substitute is to chew on fresh green beans - and this is apparently more than an oral fix. Grapefruit juice also seemed to help me. Smoking depletes your vitamin C, so if you smoke, replenish C - (although you never know if the C will be feeding whatever cancer you might be developing).   If you smoke a lot, sleep a lot. As far as I know, the only known food deterrent to lung cancer is (slightly cooked) BROCOLLI - which ALSO contains lots of C. Also, eating lots of onions (and/or spicy foods), will help loosen up flem, which I think is somewhat important.   But the main thing is that you have to WANT to quit. There are a lot of jerks out there who rudely diss smokers and it can be a pain in the ass. There is no glory in continuing to smoke to SPITE them. You need to quit based on your own self-esteem. Your belief in a positive future for you. Practically, than can involve new hobbies. And, the better you eat, the easier it is to quit.
ALCOHOL - The weird thing about alcohol is that is can be good or bad. After a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that alcohol facilitates transport through cell walls, (and of course though the blood-brain barrier). So, if you have lots of toxins in your body, as from smoking, it will compound the problem. But if you have a lot of anti-oxidants or omega-3's in your body, it will work to your favour. However, too much alcohol is a bad thing in itself, because it virtually replaces oxygen, and lays the body open to various attacks. There is much more involved with alcohol consumption, but this is my simple user's guide.   A major problem caused by alcohol is dehydration. This affects the brain and also, after continual abuse, will age the skin. Also, since alcohol is - like sugar - a bad substitute for healthy calories, it can drain your body of nutrients. (I believe the calorie thing is a major reason for alcohol addiction). I have a lot of tips on how to deal with hangovers, but i will forgo those, but the most important thing is constant rehydration, from the start. And a lot on how to deal with hangovers can be gleamed from my next subject: THE BRAIN. I can briefly say that effective deterrents to drunkenness and etc., are ZINC mega doses, GREEK oregano - which gives a boost of mental energy, salt - fights dehydration, and the incredible DANDELION. If you can find non-herbicide dandelion, consider yourself very lucky. Dandelion is one of the best curatives for the liver, whether you are a drunk or not. It also is loaded with vitamin A. It can be used in salads, it can be cooked into a tea, it can be cooked into anything, including ramen noodles, and it can be eaten straight. The best tasting dandelion comes in earlier spring, but the later more bitter stuff is just as healthy. By cleansing the blood, dandelion can be one of the best tools in improving health and beauty!
THE BRAIN - if you can improve the brain, you will be improving every part of the body. One great example of this is FISH OIL or omega-3 fatty acids, which also improves the circulatory system, and improves the health of the skin and hair. As you know by now, this oil is found in salmon, sardines, tuna, anchovies and other fishes. But there are other awesome oils - olive, walnut, sesame, sunflower, and even canola - which can help you so much. They are all awesome to cook with. Saturated fats aren't necessarily bad, and the brain needs them, but trans fats, or partially-hydrogenated oils, are extremely deleterious to health and the skin. Avoid! Having CFS, i have found many good nutrients for the brain - vitamins B6, B12, E, magnesium, etc. I also have a relative who is thought to have Alzheimer’s. Turns out that one of my favourite spices, CUMIN, is the only known food which may combat Alzheimer’s, other than fish oil. Cumin is an awesome spice in curry or chicken dishes or in my beloved Banana Raieta. I use it more, because if it helps Alzheimer’s, it might also help me.   I also have a relative who has a little autism. I discovered that limiting wheat (glutton) and milk (casein) in the diets of people with autism, can significantly help fight their illness. That is no surprise to me, because the same thing helps with my CFS. One thing that really hurts my CFS is monosodium glutamate, or MSG, a VERY prevalent food additive. When I found out that the amino acid supplement L-GLUTAMINE (found in beans) helps people with autism, I began to wonder if MSG might be a cause or irritant of autism, because MSG might be blocking this natural amino acid, which is important to the brain, muscle and the digestive system. So now I use L-GLUTAMINE, esp. before and after drinking beer, and before I eat anything with MSG - and it really seems to be working!
THE SKIN - I learnt that the best food for the skin are sticky tropical fruits and veggies. Especially AVACODOS. But i also try to do a lot of bananas, squash, pumpkin, etc. These can't hurt, and they have their own additional benefits. The standard supplements for the skin and nails are ALPHA LIPOIC ACID and SILICON. GELATIN is also good for the nails and skin - and so the hair. I also tried gelatin (Jello) when I had broken my arm and it seemed to help healing.   Anything that can make you sweat is good for the skin, because it rids you of toxins, and the skin is where we excrete much of our liquid - it's the largest organ in our body.   There's plenty of info out there about moisturizers and such, also see below.
THE HAIR - The best supplements for the hair are zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin E, and the same nutrients as for the skin. Topicals to fight hair loss include rosemary, progesterone and tea tree oil. Supplements for hair loss include saw palmetto, rosemary and soy isoflavones - which are also excellent for stress and circulation. Alcohol, tobacco and stress tend to increase hair loss. I have been using tea tree oil, lemon juice (a skin toner), and a collagen cream after shaving - which is painful - but it not only tones the skin, it has been slowing beard growth, which is great, since I hate shaving. Applying this after plucking eyebrows should also slow regrowth. 
DIGESTION, and CIRCULATION - I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, but the fact is that digestion is fundamental to health and beauty. Those infomercials about toxins messing up your skin and health - they are not entirely untrue. So invest time in yogurt, fiber, beans and grains, veggies, appropriate antacids or calcium, garlic/onions, and such. A big problem is toxins and yeast products - even yeast itself - getting into the bloodstream. This can drain you of energy. GREEK oregano and grape seed extract can help fight this, as well as those just mentioned. And one thing I do, which I am pretty sure helps me, is to take fish oil and a Benadryl after eating a cheesy or meaty meal, to fight inflammatory reactions in my circulatory system.

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