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Much Ado About Nothing - UPDATED

The idea was to go to Madison yesterday morning. But was hit by three waves of fatigue. Ended up sleeping a lot Saturay. Now I don't know if/when I'll go. (Little migraine today - It's hard predicting my health). First, I need to be in Rkfd to get Prairie State Legal Svcs to help with this student loan prob., although they might not be available til Tuesday (A great Band, heh?). Also, I need to file an order of protection if I can, against a relative who tried to bight my finger off last year. It was bizarre. But I ended up having him in a headlock, on the ground, (I learned Judo as a kid) - (oh, he was the instigator, by the way). Whn I let him go, he came back and punched me in the mouth. I would have beat the crap out of him, but I need to play it smart these days. Plus, dreaded yardwork.

Plus, the weather will get crappy soon. However, I've slept in my car in 10 or 20 degrees below wether, comfortably. Last time I did that in Madison, some vehicle stops at 3:00 am, and I hear - "CRUNCH CRUNCH!". When they were gone, I went out and found the snow/ice had been cleared from my license plates, and I had a nice ticket on my windshield. Being from Illinois, I had parked on the side of the street where all the other cars were parked, figuring that was where I was SUPPOSED to be. But NOOOOOOO!

So, I don't know. Thanksgiving is coming up and I don't care where I go, but Madison will be deserted then... Whatever. I'm an existentialist. L'Strange.

OK - So people ask me "What is this 'ERC'". Here is the answer. It is a big building at a community college, the "Educational Resource Center" - which means, "Library." It has computers, CDs, a place to plug in my lap-top, and some very nice people. It also has a little coffee shop at the entrance, which is an outpost of the local "Meg's" chain. So people who work at the other Meg's often work there as well. So, along the sides of the bldg is a hall for casual talking, drinking coffee, group sex, etc. I like to go there to read and drink and chat, because I try to hangout in places in Rockford where people's IQs are larger than their shoe sizes, ergo, in places slightly more liberal than the rest of the city. OK - so there ya go...

Back to my boring life...


Hey, how'd that get in here?!!!!

First, I'll say I took my dog to PetSmart today, and she crapped in the store - like lighting. Luckilly, this time, I don't think anyone saw her. Jesse was there. I like her. She always looks so bored, I love making her laugh.

But before this, and after I went to Walgreens for some Aleve, and pics that never turned out, I went to the ABC, which is becoming my Sunday routine. But damn if I didn't see the cutest girl, and so polite. She was part East Indian or something, but the thing was - she REALLY reminded me of the infamous Kris. Except cuter. And damn it, she's too young. But Ohhhhh!!!! And I thought, well, maybe this is God rewarding me for holding out so long for Kris. (ha ha!). I don't know. Think nothing of it. But we had good eye contact, despite my guardedness. So, OK - get the pic? I made eye contact, etc. So that means weirdness shall now follow. Yipes! Well, the only thing that happenned was a coworker walked by me, and then saw me whistling outside...

So, after I'm at PetSmart, I'm driving West on E. State St., and I'm at an intersection, and the guy in the car behind me is taking my picture. He's all duded up in a business suit. So, I give him a chance to catch up, and I look over, but not only doesn't he take another pic, he doesn't even look at me. And it's like he follows me all the way to 9th St. LIKE, I said.

So, at Sinnissippi bike path, I decide to call the police. Because if some private eye is watching me, I want to know about it. The police car comes, and then goes - so I call back, and the car shows up again. We have a fun little talk, and I tell the cop about the weirdness at SB, etc. Well, the cop gives me the guy's name (since I had taken down the license plate #), and I drop my dog off at home, and then I drive off to this dude's house. Hopefull, he doesn't end up trying to bight my finger off!

Oh - I thought - well, maybe the guy is Irish, and he liked the Irish stuff on my car, in which case it would be fun to meet him and just talk. But if he was taking a pic of the Husky, he only got the hind end - which was strange. Well, this guy's name wasn't remotely Irish. Butttt....

It's a very rich new house. His wife answers the door, and two nice Border Collies run out and try to play with me. So - I think, this isn't going to be a prob. And we have a fun little talk. Turns out their car was registered in his wive's name, or something, and the dude actaully did have an Irish last name. But, he wasn't home - he was off singing in the church choir! I told her he sounded like a nice guy, but I also learned that he wasn't a private Dick. So, hell, just another fun adventure for Madman. We agreed he probably was thinking of putting a Boarder Collie doll on top of HIS car. But she called him anyway, and we left a message. I played with the dogs and was on my paranoid way.

I may be an idiot, but I'm no fool.

So, I think that's all. Bye!

OH - PS - I got home Fri night and the dude next door follows his chick out their house and sings/shouts, "OOOOH!!! Sexyyyyy!!!!!". I don't know if he didn't see me. Then he goes, "That's my wife, know what I'm saying?" So, I don't know if he's jealous again thinking I'm a threat to his Wo-Man! I was singing as I got in my car the other day and they were just looking at me..... Well, I saw the dude today and were buddies again, since I told him about the guy taking my pic. then I talked to the young kids about dogs and puppets and everything - so it's fly.

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