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I love driving in this weather. I love it! I love it! I love it!

Man I got started today pissed. But didn't let anyone ruin my day. So anyway, the insurance/trees crap is out of the way.

It really helps when girls are nice to me. I mean it really does. At the ERC, the mousy girl was very nice, gave me a free coffee even though they were closed, etc. Just normal pleasantness - no strings or bones about it. That's all I ask. And Carrie was there, but we didn't talk. I don't know, we always seem to be thinking about each other. Its weird. (What was that other thing? Oh - just to mention. Lindsay and I have this love-hate thing - almost like a sit-com. We're not friends and we're not strangers. We both find each other attractive, but we're both super snobs about it and we know we're wrong for each other - and we get mad at each other. It's also weird. Those are the two weird things). Then, some cute girl named Katie was checking me out, and vice versa, at Ciminos. So, I'm sorry, but that makes my day better. Shoot me.

Another weird thing. Three times in the last two days three people have laid on their horns as I drove by them - I mean to the metal. No accident or anything. And it's too much of a coincidence. What are people thinking out there? Who am I anyway?

I feel like taking someone out to a movie tonight. Not dinner. I've had enough to eat. Chow.
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