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I am the person who will destroy China.


i wrote an entry the other night - mostly about my theories on super tuesday - but i don't feel like posting it - there were all kinds of factors
we got about a foot of heavy snow. i pulled my car out just to damp it down, but my neighbour was parked in front of my driveway. so i didn't get to damp down the big plowed pile at the end of the drive, so i just shovelled it a little. some guys asked me if they could shovel my driveway and i said, so i have a 4-wheel. then i pulled on to the street and the bottom of my car slammed against the already hard snow. thank you neighbour. that's one thing i never liked about my car - too low to the ground, like a minivan, although that's what makes it safer. my theory is, you buy a car based on the idea that a ROAD is the MINIMUM you must plan for. to be safe, you must plan for OBSTACLES. ROADS are artificial contraptions, designed to lull you into sleep. the other thing i don't like about my car is NO TRUNK to hide crap in, so all my crap is in the back with my bed and my dog. but the advantages of my car far outweigh these probs. but now i have a wheel on the top of my car, making it more top-heavy.  my Cat-In-The-Hat sits in the wheel must must lie dead right now, cuz otherwise it won't fit into the garage without decapitating him. if my car ever DOES roll over, the good thing about having the wheel on the top at the back is that it will absorb shock and help stop my head from getting smashed in.   i advise you to consider the idea.
i usually stop shovelling in February, but now i dunno. I do know that we're in for some severe spring weather. I can predict that from the early tornadoes in Arkansas etc. I wouldn't be surprised if we had a major disaster somewhere in the region.
i am condensing my political post here. if you are interested, i will email thel post to you. but briefly, what played into the super tuesday results?...
- bases established by clinton, most importantly in california
- the obama surge got slowed by SERVICE SECTOR recession - people held back from supporting rookie Obama, and went with Clinton, who talked more about the economy
- hillary put 5 million into her campaign
- the weather - mainly the tornado states, people voted conservatively there, although they might have anyway
- the way party ballots are set up - for example, this worked in Obama's favour in Illionois, and worked against the Green party, though it worked for Clinton in NY
- Obama was working on smaller states although he could have done better in California etc., although he knew upcoming states will be working in his favour
- the lubby-dubby factor - it worked for Clinton in NH and so it did in CA, after their kissy-kissy debate. Obama benefits more from confrontations.
Most of my other predictions were fairly correct. Clinton won NY - how could she lose after supporting the Giants? It seems like the more liberal states, in a climate of fear, had their independents go to McCain, and therefore Clinton beat out Obama. It also seems like the climate of fear mostly affects the 18-35 year olds, and not the REGULAR voters, who tend to vote for Clinton.
Isn't it great that we will be having pro-Iraq McCain and Evangelical VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE Huckabee running? Just what we need! It's just Bush in a new package. Running Hillary against this is a dangerous move.
How abuot that - Romney is out of the race. YaY! However, it's weird that the Republicans are going for a pro-Iraq candidate rather than a pro-economy candidate, (although i didn't see Romney as being any good for the economy).   This will prolly come back to bite them in the butt.   But this election has been basically about who is the most LIKEABLE candidate.   But that's not great for McCain, cuz he has a historical temper.
The whole "The Surge in Iraq is working!" thing - it is mostly concocted.   Numbers and strategies can be, and have been, altered, for the most expedient result. A LOT MORE EASILLY THAN FACTS ABOUT THE ECONOMY. I'm not saying the surge hasn't "improved" things, but i feel it is extremely overrated and contrived. If you look at how much money is locked up in military contracts, earmarks, the oil companies, etc., when we can't even operate our basic military troups, and we give our veterans SHIT, and the Pentagon budget is approaching ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, which isn't even factored into the deficit, but which has a LOT to do with our economic decline, you see how many vested interests are locked in on making the surge look good. Did you know that the Pentagon has more purchasing power than AUSTRALIA? Or that we spend more on defense than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD COMBINED?! Spending money on baloney military contracts, like the F-22, basically throws money into holes in the ground, it doesn't recirculate money through the greater economy. It's a dead-end. More than this, it slows us down as far as focused productivity response to specific needs, as we so successfully accomplished at the DROP OF A DIME in WWII. No wonder we keep fomenting imaginary crises in new countries ad infinitum. The Founding Fathers would be disgusted.
Oh - and yeah - we are still setting up missile defense systems on the borders of Russia.   Hmmm... how does that make Russia feel? LIKE GETTING ALL XENOPHOBIC AND PATRIOTIC AGAIN.
If we have any future problem in the world, other than Global Warming, it is China. We do not focus on this - even though China is holding our debt, is overtaking our markets with crap products, is harbouring our expatriot corporations, is fucking with our computer systems, is holding to hard currency while we take a dive, is increasing our grain and produce prices by increasing their demand, (because of climate change), has no grip on pollution, even though it tries... Listen, I don't blame the Chinese, but if you have 1/4th of the population, you get at least 1/4th of the blame. The interesting thing, I believe, than with 20 years, China will undergo a revolution. I have no idea wether this will work out well for us, but if you factor in Global Warming and it's demands, it will only be tragic.
As far as recirculating money into our economy... I posted about how Bush created a false issue, and Pelosi went along with it. The tax rebate SHOULD go to THE POOR, for clear economic reasons - they will spend it. Borrowing for grassroots spending or for infrastructure repair ARE THE BEST WAYS TO SPEND GOVERNMENT MONEY. That's why FDR rocked off the charts. Borrowing money to buy military projects that put innocent people in the ground and put money in the ground and do not circulate money and bolster political ideologies that would other die on their on steam IS BAD FOR THE ECONOMY! Keynes was right for democrats, but not for HAWKS. "Supply Side is a complete retardation of Keyensian economics - REPUBLICANS STEALING MORE LIBERAL IDEAS FOR THEIR OWN GAIN.
People on Social Security have PAID THEIR DEBT - THEY HAVE PAID THEIR TAX. People with disabilities HAVE PAID THEIR DEBT. VETERANS HAVE PAID THEIR DEBT! They all offer invaluable service and insight and humanity to the nation. If we have lost sight of this - if we have lost sight of the elderly - of the poor - of the meek or downtrodden - then we are no longer a nation and we deserve the fate that awaits us. Please advocate for them.
I wish I lived in Denmark.
More politics... McCain won't choose Romney as VP. His best chances are with Huckabee or Bloomberg. He is somewhat likely to choose Giuliani, and I hope he does, because they will lose.
Hillary wouldn't choose Obama as a VP.   But that is irrelevant, because i have to tell you - Hillary is going to lose. I wanted her to win but she won't. If she doesn't lose the primary, she will lose the election. Trust me on this. If we waited a week on Super Tuesday, she would have lost California.
I am supporting Obama. At least unless Gore steps in. Ralph Nader is considering a run with the Green Party but if he does run i will cut off his balls. Cynthis McKinney is also considering - she i worth supporting depending on conditions. If Gore ran as a Green with Bloomberg as VP, I would definitley consider that. But Obama works best right now as far as beating the Republicans, and that's because he has a lot going for him. I think if Bill Clinton's wife wasn't run he would be supporting him too.

Personal life - Kurska somehow poked her head through the bird mesh in the car, so I petted her and made sweet auto love to her.  So that made her so happy she's been terrifically sweet to me today, and actually went crazy over her boring dinner.  This means more pissing problems await in the near future.

I dreamt about Erin but shre never posts so I won't even mention it so there nya...

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