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I am the person who will destroy China.


It's spring! 


I forgot how easy and nice it is to ride around with the car window open and not having your ears fall off.  Except my car was extremely fogged up.  And i hope this weather doesn't last long cuz i've been using the cold to freeze some things.


i started experimenting with the prototype of one of my inventions on my car.  all i can say it rocks and everyone will want one.  i forgot most of my inventions, and most of them are on inaccessible hard drives.  but i want to start listing them.  i totally plan on not being poor the rest of my life. 

the thing with the bank is better.  except i didn't know that when i woke up.  and it was one of those mornings.  first, kurska had pissed in her bed AGAIN, even after i had let her out tonnes of times.  so i had shortness of breath.  and it really bothers me when i have to punish her, especially in the morn, when i need all the positive energy i can get.  then i turned on the TV to see the reactions to last night's debates, and all there was were infomercials and a farm report - and mary hartley talking about sparrows.  i don't even know why mary hartley is important.  where did she come from?  but i sat down with my nice mug of green tea, to relax, but after a few sips, i put on the edge of the table and it fell off.  plus - my tonsils were getting sore...  after visiting my aunt's house, which has three people in it who were recovering from some kind of flu, and after in noticed a slight fever in kurska yesterday, i knew i was destined for sickness - so i have been taking mega-doses of everything.  it's working so far - but if i get any bug, my cfs overreacts to it.  plus i moved a piano.  it doesn't sound like anything, but i am living on the edge.


but the good news is that my bank got the social security deposit and now i have $300 to spare, plus i can overdraft $150 if i need to.  (a little less every month).  so why did i think they wouldn’t get it?  because they actually said they wouldn't.  plus they over drafted a check on the same day it came in - which i need to set right.  but all the worry about having to talk to people about fixing things, that is gone!!  so when i knew that, i lay down, and i was so relieved.  its weird how so much invisible stress can build up when there are negative issues in the background - in the subconscious.  so, now i have a better chance of not getting the flu.


i seem to not be able to function as well whenever i have an important unresolved issue in the background.  i used to be better, but i don't have extra energy now.  i also realise that when i want to tackle problems, i often don't address the most important one first...  what i do is get all motivated to tackle some secondary problem, and then this is supposed to motivate me to tackle the bigger ones.  for example, if you want to tackle rearranging classes at college, first clean your room - it really helps motivate.  it used to work when i didn't have cfs.  but now it doesn't so much.  i run out of steam and get a relapse.  i'm not sure if i can change this.  i can't seem to get straight-out motivated to take on the most important problems, because i am too worried about them.  it isn't enjoyable.  but this will improve when i feel more secure about finances etc.


i try to delight in simple get-me-byes.  for example, yesterday, i was driving along downtown, and suddenly this big flock of large beautiful birds kind of swooshed up from behind my car and flew ahead in my direction.  it was cool.  or i like walking down the path to the garage, and seeing this firethorn i planted, which took a few years to catch on, but now it is amazing - it's leaves are full and green even in below zero weather, which amazes me.  i also like it when i make some rice dish, and the rice has this slightly puckery dry taste to it, like spanish rice or rice with chicken sometimes, even though it's also deliciously moist and oily.  i like how i can finally use the garage.  i like how my family doesn't hate me as much as they used to.  because they see i am not so superhuman.  and i am actually good, despite their prejudices.  i like looking good enough to turn every female head when i walk into a room.  i like getting things done.  it keeps me from thinking about all the goals i have not accomplished.  i like making people smile or laugh or think.  i like my music.  but despite all this, a lot of times, i am one of the most unhappy people around.


 what was my positive response to the bank crisis?  i decided i had one day before i had to deal with it - although i later found out it was OK.  so in that meantime, i started imagining a new economic system...


my new economic system involves "two" currencies - basically federal and state.  the main idea is to empower counties with a for-profit "Ithica Hours" (please google) economy, which enhances welfare, environment, and anti-suburban sprawl.  in addition, this economy can be like an alternate china - a trading partner right here within the usa, where labor is cheap and productivity is high, yet the wealth circulates back into the US economy.


first of all, i want to mention that the federal government would set all the standards as far as who shall receive welfare, free health care, etc., and shall tax wealthier people as well.  remember my post about the eleven-class tax/benefits system?  kind of a staggered flat-rate?  that's what it would be categorising and enforcing.  every person would receive fair treatment based on income and wealth.


ok - to start, each county has it's own alternate currency - which is based on barter of goods and services.  this is only TO START - later, the alternate currencies will go state-wide - which means we will have 50 alternate currencies, plus the US dollar.  it's actually not complicated.  ok - from now on, i will call this the "state currency".


what would be very different about the state currency - and ron paul would be very proud of this - would be that it would be pegged to the price of gold.  i have studied US economic history, and i pretty much came to the conclusion that we went wrong went we dropped the gold standard and started valuing out currency according to international trade.  we sold out for immediate gain.  this was quite contrary to the ideals of the founding fathers, but the founding fathers were NOT great economists, and could not predict the weird future of this capitalist country.  i completely realise we can not base the dollar on gold - extremely naive and portends only depression and decline.  BUT - i am thinking that my idea will allow us to get CLOSER to it, by, in some way, internalising foreign competition.  So, the nice thing is that when the US economy falters, the alternate economy strengthens, and vice versa.  That's the main idea.  We have a built-in mechanism for making us more stable, which encourages longer-range planning.  In a way it's more socialist, and in a way it's more capitalist...


what happens in the counties is that people barter using the state currency, based on gold.  only specific stores (and local products) will deal in the state currency.  stores would not be allowed to convert currency - state to federal, and vice versa.  BUT county exchanges will be allowed to do so, charging a 10% tax.  plus, counties would be allowed to be for-profit - but only this activity and certain specified affairs, involving farming, produce, or such.  possibly health-care but i'm not sure.  the state gets 50% of all county profits, which may also come from property taxes.  the counties put the rest into their own approved projects.


county exchanges hamper the flight of wealth into larger cities.  but what do the cities do?  they do not tax income or property.  they tax sales and use and also receive greatly increased federal aid.  they deal only in federal currency.


so, we have meager counties making a profit - eventually - and half of that goes to the state.  states (and counties) would have the sole authority of converting currencies back and forth.  states would not technically be for-profit entities.  but they would gain from the profit of counties and from FEDERAL-STATE CONSORTIA, as well as from taxes and federal aid.  they would be pretty much the same as states as we know them today.  however, they would be more involved in county projects such as health clinics, preventive health care, agri-green and energy development.


there would be five federal-state consortia in the country, each composed of ten states.  these would be quasi-for-profit entities.  one major duty would be to provide proper health care, accepting all those the federal government demands.  five states - california, texas, florida, new york, and illinois, would each be in a different consortium - but they could not run the consortia - they could only approve the 5 states that would.   preferably, a consortium would be a geographical region of the country - the south, the west, etc., but that is not necessary.  if any consortia has a space to fill - one more state - then it must accept any state which applies for membership.  if they have more spaces, or more members, they can pick and choose.


the consortia idea is to maintain competition, but not to go to a national "socialist" system, which can grow stagnant and expensive.  states can change their membership, people can move.  and remember, counties also have their own clinics.  basically, the consortia would be based on the Obama idea of universal health care.


but they also have to make money.  how?  member states might vary the degree of involvement they have in their consortia.  but, always, 50% of their surpluses - which means all surplus made from taxes and county profits - must go into the consortia - it is a blanket federal tax - in federal dollars.  see - this is one way the alternate economy gets infused into the national economy.  and the federal government is, in turn, allowed to tax excess profits of the consortia.  BUT - and this is based on the differential economies - one on gold - one on trade and deficit spending...  the taxing is staggered chronologically.  states would only be taxed by the consortia per-anum based on a biannual review of their surpluses.  and the consortia would only be taxed by the federal government every five years.  but not all consortia would be reviewed by the feds at the same time - one consortia would be reviewed in 2020 and again on 2025, the next one would be reviewed on 2021 and 2026, and so forth.  but the ANNUAL TAX would be based on these five-year reviews.


what is the point of all this staggering?  it to slow down the possibility of the two economies merging completely.  in other words, one economy does well - it should be allowed some time to continue that, or it does poorly, same deal.  that means that when the dollar drops in value, the alternate economy is given a change to grow, and vice versa.


now - why would a state want to have health care from a consortium, other than from popular pressure?  because the consortia are also money-making entities.  they would not only be involved in health care, but would facilitate (regional-international) trade, would incorporate for-profit businesses, and so forth.


any consortium could be dissolved by the federal government, according to strict congressional voting rules - say a 7/10th vote in each house.  The ten members would go to other consortia until a new one is formed, save the big 5 states.  Until a new consortia is formed, with requirements from the feds, they would have to fend for themselves.  See how i incorporated the whole POWER thing?


please refer back to my 11-class tax/benefits post - although i can't find that for you right now.


in summary - the feds are mainly about taxing and rewarding people and cities.  the states are about managing the state economies - and plugging that into the consortia and the feds.  the consortia are about making money according to strict federal rules.  the counties are about the people.

as far as the debates go - edwards was the winner.  he pretty much said flat out that he's willing to be VP - and in my opinion that would be awesome.  huckabee was the winner, but that won't count so much towards the primaries.  thompson is hanging on because he subtly reminds people of doctor phil.  clinton would win all this crap if she only took voice lessons.  Obama didn't make mistakes but he didn't shine.  Paul did better than conventionally expected.  Poor Richardson keeps ruining it for himself, but he has the best sense of humour, and the best experience.  Giuliani has an annoying lisp.  John McCain - will go far but he won't win the election.  Can YOU IMAGINE THIS? - Obama/Edwards vs. Huckabee/Paul - what an awesome race, especially if Gore steps in with the Greens...

I'm sorry about the weird type lately (?).  I realise now i am using the wrong hard drive in my old laptop and so i haven't been able to use Microsoft Works...


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