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man without a country - part one million

omg - i'm writing this friday 3:pm - not long after i posted today.  and now i am convinced this countyry is permanently screwed up.  i really am.  after i left the library, i went to a gas station to air my tires.  except the pump was no longer free.  so i decided to go into the store to get change out of my credit card - even though something was telling me not to.  i waited in line, then asked the little Indian woman for change.  she said she couldn't do it because they have to pay 2% on every credit charge.  i told her i was using their machine.  she said no.  ok - fine - i ate the bear cub.  but then the next guy in line offered to give me the money.  i needed $1.50, because i also had a tire inside my car.  so he asked the lady to change his $10 - meanwhile i'm telling the guy, "I'm such a bother!" jokingly, and he said no problem, but the Indian lady tells me she can't help it because she's with another customer.  i don't know where she got the idea i was blaming her - i don't know why she didn't just give me the change in the first place.  i hate worthless petty people problems.


so the i thank the guy and he asks me if i'm going to heaven.  "You believe in heven and hell right?" - huh?


he asked if i was following god's word.  i told him a lot of good stuff about how things are fine with me, i do good, i was once a big player in the church, blah blah blah.  but he ket telling me i was going to hell.  i told him i believed in an active, dynamic god who was in everyone, and the name "God" doesn't mean anything.  The only reason is is called "God" is because the greeks had a bunch of "gods" and so that's where "God" got his name.  His ACTUAL name could be "Joe".  But this was blasphemy for the guy, and therefore I was still going to hell.  What makes him the authority yo?  I mean, how can ANYONE think they can approach a complete stranger and tell them they're going to hell, when hell is a matter of theology - demonstrated nowhere in reality.  I mean - this is serious mental illness.


he didn't care about how good i was, just if i followed "God's" word in the bible.  LEAVE ME ALONE!  He told me i was full of pride and i was wrong about anything i said.  even though everything i said was far more christian than he would ever be capable of imagining.  that's when i gave it to him.  i told him that just because he follows the multitude doesn't mean he's right.  i told him what HE was full of was pride.  i didn't come up to him and start telling him he should belive what I believed!  he asked me what church i followed - you should not follow a church...  i told him as far as i was concerned, the bible is a church.  "No, it was dictated by God!"  "No, it was writen by MEN!"  "But they were divinely inspired!"  "Fine - just luike I am divinely inspired, and so is everyone else! - so what's the problem?  go away!  do you want your money back!"


this went on and on.  he asked me to go outside to continue it.  the indian lady was noticing us aguing, and aas far as i know, she would have called the cops on ME, when it was HE who was pushing religion in the place.  and yet she was probably hindu or something.  people are constipated.


i kept repeating to the guy that he was judging, and prideful, and intimidating, and so forth - but he didn't get it.  he was incapable of getting it.  my god - what a slimy, evil, dangerous person.  i can't believe there are such morons out there. 


he kept saying he wasn't judging or telling me i was wrong, and then he says, "You're wrong!"  so the hell with trying to deal with that.  i left, basically telling him he was fucked up.  ao of course, this will be fine fodder for rightful discussion at his next bible meeting.


this is why i have learnt to avoid human contact.  i can't believe it, but i just heard that 62% of americans don't believe in evolution.  well, then, it sure as hell won't be happening anytime soon.  and i have decided to stop all this demographiuc research on which city has such and such friendliness or intelligence:  all i have to look at is:  which place has the least evangelicals.


what - i go out just to make a post and put air in my tires, and this is what i get?  btw - instead of throwing down his $1.50 as i got in my car, giving him more self-righteousness that i was sinfully angry, i kept it.  but i didn't use that pump - i drove to another gas station.  they didn't deserve the $$$ anyway.


this is all the warm front.  this is all the warm front....


but just imagine what retards people will be when global warming REALLY kicks in!


that sounds like hell to me.

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