I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

me and my big (cauliflower) head

ok ya ya - i can access my email again a woo woo

driving along downtown today - i saw one of the girls from the cafe saga.  she was walking and laughing with two other friends while i was singing in my car.  i didn't want eye contact, so i looked into my rear-view mirror, putting it between here eyes and mine.  she's so cute.  it's a shame she's a gossip whore.  oh - but what gossip i fed them!  the other day i was stopped at a light and the girls in a car across from me were all lit up when they saw me, as if i was some famous carnival freak.  "THAT'S HIM!" 


After i passed the cafe saga girl, some other girl was walking about 10 feet behind them.  she gave me a long intense and curious stare.  she looked familiar.  but it's all the same.

nothing beats a great cauliflower!  the secret to cooking great cauliflower is to boil the water, then throw it in.  cook it til it's NEARLY done and then turn off the heat.  cauliflower does not ask for much cooking at all.

i found the biggest bested head of cauliflower the other day, and i cooked it in a pot which i had used to fry eggs in.  OMG - what a wonderful taste.  so my advice - add a little oil and some bacony or burnt egg taste, and you shall float in cauliflower heaven for three days.

more on cauliflower as the story develops...

i had some Jewish Rice Crispies today.

The box has all this Hebrew writing on it.  Except for this advice:


Buy and install smoke detectors. 
- (no - i'll just buy them - i won't install - ha ha)

Buy and install safety window bars.

Keep stairways free of objects.
- (duh!)

Place a large, clearly visible address on your house. 
-  (how does this fit in? - oh - Jewish History, I get it...)

(For More Safety Information, Call The Torah Safety Commission (718) 382-1388).

I miss New York! 

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