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red penguin of doom

yay for me! - (computer stuff, and HOW TO BOMB A PARTY)

Posted on 2007.12.28 at 14:22
i am so happy!  i managed to get AOL to stop re-allowing itself in my firewall!  -  how?  yma

well - first i google some weird file i have called "he.exe" - the only site that listed it said it was an infection - so i checked out their programme and decided to install it - RemoveIT pro TRIAL...  Then i ran that and all it did was a fast scan because I ain't bought it yet - but i will.

It said i was "infected with":


It wouldn't fix them - but i disabled them - plus he.exe - via my trusty new Dynamic Security Agent.  That did the trick.  Only problem is that this is not a real fix - which means it hasn't removed anything, and they will still reboot.  That means it is best if i just leave my comp on all the time.  I don't want to REMOVE them because they might be legit involved with Windows.  But windows is working ok so far.  This bandaid also stopped other nefarious thingies from reinserting themselves, and bettered my People PC sign-in.  (btw - i deleted PPCpal a long time ago because that is ad spyware).

Do you believe?  I added this guy called anti-AOL on LJ.  Apparently LJ was deleting his entries!  And he was pissed.  Right after I added him, he deleted his journal!!!  Great...

i have replaced my infected Avast with Avira - but still having probs with the huge update.  (I shouldn't really be logged in right now).  Also - my Clam antivirus was disabled in Spyware terminator.  I was so disappointed about that - because I always wanted an Extra resident anti-spy in addition to my main - and Clam was working well.  So I ended up installing Clam on it's own.  That uses internet explorer, which i DON'T use.  Plus it's IE toolbar resident scanner Crawler Toolbar is loaded with spyware crap.  So i disabled all that, just so i could use it's SCANNER.  But even that isn't working, so the infection is still succeeding there.  But I highly advise getting Spyware Terminator with the resident Clam integrated.  But NOT the IE Clam toolbar!

About Dynamic Security Agent!  It's a really great behaviour blocker.  But it can sometimes be very confusing - esp when your comp is seriously infected - so you will need to be careful experiment with it a bit.  If you get it, let me know and i'll give some good info.

About SnoopFree!  An excellent idea - it blocks programs which are able to read your screen, and so are very possibly used by keylogging trojan people.  But it ended up making me think it was A BAD PROGRAMME.  Letting IN certain keyloggers.  I dunno, but i terminated it.  Who knows if it really is bad or if it was infected.  I do know i used it a long time ago and had problems then too.  But i really want to find a good programme that does the same function.

OK - enough of that.  Everything outside is pure white - it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

After i boiled Kurska's rawhide bone in gravy, she ate it up, even though there was too much hot sauce in it.  (A boiled rawhide bone unravels into a giant wang, and it is really fun for you and your dog to play with!!)  I boiled down the gravy and mixed some in her diner.  It was funny, she liked the dinner and yet didn't, so she kept eating a little and then running in here and then running back into the kitch and eating some more.

Here's a great distraction - if you're ever at a party or get-together where people's attitudes are really pissing you off.  First, you must carry an old raisin and cinnamon bagel around with you wherever you go.  And i don't mean those puffy bread bagels - i'm talking Bagels Forever type.  Then, when you wish to create the distraction, throw it in their microwave and leave the kitchen.  In about four minutes, intense smoke will be pouring out of the microwave.  And the kitchen will completely fill up with smoke.  Not a really unpleasant smoke though.  Kind of spicy.  At least at first.  But after a day it will become pungent and what's the word?  I forget - it's what they always use on TV to describe giant wildfires.  I think it begins with a "T".  Anyway, if you wish, you may prolong the insult by retrieving the EXTREMELY HOT charcoal bagel from the microwave, as if you are saving everyone, saying, "Hey ok, let's just throw it in the toilet!"  What a hit you will be!  People will be in awe of your resourcefulness and presence of mind in a crisis!  But, just as in Little Shop of Horrors, that bagel will silently balloon to the size of a frisby, secretly and alone in the bathroom while die-hards linger outside.  For several days hence, anonymous visitors will chance upon the growing bagel and quietly ponder it studiously, in religious stupefaction, and wonder to themselves, "OMG!  Who could ever excrete a PERFECTLY ROUND TURD?!"

This will continue for about a week, until the residents finally call in the Coast Guard to have it removed.

I made a serious post early this morning about Bhutto - for my seriously RAD friends - http://madman101.livejournal.com/658598.html?nc=1


superduckywho at 2007-12-28 23:54 (UTC) (Lien)
Well from what I'm seeing, sys32.exe is a dangerous thing which is spyware up the ass. Tries to get rid of spyware programs too... not sure if what you have is the same thing though. Sounds like that programs picked up pieces of the big exe but can't seem to see the main program itself. Here's a site with a bit about it: http://www.file.net/process/sys32.exe.html

I hate windows though... I miss my mac.
superduckywho at 2007-12-29 00:10 (UTC) (Lien)
OH! I should probably add the system32 FOLDER isn't dangerous, just the exe.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-12-29 21:38 (UTC) (Lien)
hi! thanks - yes a whole lot of crap gets in through system 32 - i'm sure that happened here. i will def follow up on that! - but i'm still thinking sys32.exe is a necessary file but that it gets commandeered... i will do a comparison of real and infected file sizes too. but by now - there are so many confusing things surfacing in my comp - i almost don't know where to begin anymore.

something weird happens w/ flock for instance so i block that process - but then the behaviour-blocker totally blocks the flock programme - so rrrrrrrr!

happy holidays yo-doodle
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