I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

a TRAGIC day

i am really saddened by the loss of Benazir Bhutto.  It was a stupid stupid and disgusting tragedy.  She was my main girl and also pretty damn hot for a world leader.

Seriously, I want you people to know that this was most clearly an action by Musharraf.  But more than this, it was a direct result of the failure of the Bush administration - I don't want to sound like a crazy radical liberal - but it's the truth - and that's where i go.

First of all - she was poised to win the upcoming election - so it's obvious right there.  Second - if you watched Musharraf's decision-making process, you will know that it ultimately conformed to dialogue with the Bush administration.  Bush asked that she be released, and she was.  But if you know anything about evil human nature, you would have thought, "Wait - that's just too good to be true...  Musharraf imposed marshal law to silence this force, and then he releases her but still allows elections?!  Something's not right here."  Plus the assassin was a sharp-shooter - who blew himself up.

Do we need to be reminded of how Musharraf  tacitly allowed Al Qaeda to sneak into his country until Bush spoke up about it?  HE'S the fricken terrorist!

Bush has been supporting Musharraf like we supported the Shaw of Iran, as a hamper against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  But he was so soooo ignorant of the importance of Pakistan.  His main philosophy was, "Well, if we let the Bhutto EXTREMIST TERRORISTS gain control, then they will be in control of the NUKES and that is CHANGE!  Let's be safe and hold on to our dictator!"  I'm sorry, but Bhutto was not an Islamic extremist, she was pro-democracy!  You can keep branding the people as selfish, unruly and unpredictable - but unless you give them the rights and power they deserve, you will never control them.  Give them rights and eventually they will control themselves!!  The whole policy was retarded.

I don't have any idea if Bush wanted her removed from prominence - I mean - I think he did - but i don't know if he implied any action to that effect.  BUT - here's how I'm personally sure the suggestion went:  "Look, Mushy, it's just too third-world - too obvious - for you to lock her up and hold elections...  So what you need to do is set her free...  And what you do with her after that...  I have no comment..."

Bhutto was one of those rare Democratic leaders who actually portended spirited, positive revolutionary change.  She WAS a martyr!  It always boggles my mind that dictatorial leaders keep underestimating the influence of such leaders and such movements.  They are so wrapped up in paranoia and control, and their own historical egos, that they are incapable of fathoming true human nature.  Human dynamics.  POLITICS!  What stupid idiot would assassinate a MARTYR and thing he could gain from it?!  A retard!

Bhutto was a divinated leader - even though she came from a position of wealth.  Once you see you have influence, and you see all your relatives being assassinated, SOME people come to the conclusion that they might as well do GOOD, because life is silly and fleeting.  It is BIGGER THAN EGO.

The whole stupid thing about her being corrupt was hogwash - politically motivated.  And what a stupid-ass charge anyway.  Why would she want to be corrupt, when she abandoned a life of privilege?  Corruption is something lower-middle-class people do - and Pakistan doesn't have much of a middle class, so SO WHAT?  Who cares?  Just a fistful of fucking fundamentalist assholes.  And even if it WERE true - what the hell does corruption count, weighed against tyranny and killings in a chaotic country?!  Yo - personally - if i was seeking GOOD power in such a country, i wouldn't bat an eye at corruption - Mayor Daley did it and sometimes it works.  When you're fighting religious fundamentalists, the LEAST you could resort to is a little corruption fgs!

I'm pissed about this because here was a really useful POTENTIAL FOR POSITIVE GROWTH cut down for no reason but stupidity.

I am familiar with those games, and i know that they can culminate in death.  And i completely ABHOR it all!

There was a reason Bhutto once visited  Rockford College, btw.  It was "founded" by one of the most influencial peace advocates in world history, Jane Addams, who inspired countless world leaders.

Goodbye to Benazir Bhutto.  I wish she had chosen a successor.  But even in two weeks, there is still time...

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