where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

creeks door open...

well hey y'all

in case you don't know by now:  i caught a zombie virus from my computer.  i'm just not myself anymore.  i've been spending hours upon hours fighting with my computer.

apparently, the virus / intruder was using AOL to access my other programmes.  i tried HARD to uninstall AOL - and i actually did it!  but the embedded virus keeps returning hundreds of AOL entries into my register and my security programmes - even putting them back into my firewall.

so all i can do is try to minimise it's access to the internet, and then cleanse my sec. programmes by uninstalling and reinstalling them.  it doesn't feel like progress but i guess it is.

i am single minded about stuff like this, and i never give up...  but this has been going on forever.

at least i'm online, etc.

but i'm really really tired - so now i have to sleep maybe - and then attack impeding real life doom.

so i shall check back in with yous guys later tonight.  take care.
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