I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.


It took me all day, but i finally tweeked my maze of IP blockers - ranges and zones and etc. etc. - so that i can USE it without it shutting ME out!  I can't believe i have succeeded!  That was the goal for today!

The main obstacle was that two zones where Assipiter was allowing the infamous DCON and LSAS exploit attacks couldn't be shut down without shutting EVERYTHING DOWN - because apparently IPs in those zones are essential.  But the attacks were coming in on a different protocol - PIGGYBACKING on those IP zones.  So - once I changed the protocol restrictions, everything worked!  Although i need to see if the attacks stop...  If not, then there isn't much more i can do.

I made PERFECT RICE!  I almost never get it PERFECT.  The secret is to compliment your rice BEFORE you turn off the heat.  I love you, rice.

And i have my wonderful shortwave radio set up again, along with my police scanner.  You don't know this, but i was once very into shortwave DXing - and so the SW radio i have is very good quality.  It also plays FM stereo.  I used to hook that up to an amp and then wire it into two big speakers.  And then i'd ALSO play the same FM radio station through my regular stereo system and IT'S speakers.  So i had some quality wattage going on.  But for now, I just like having my widdle wadio back again.  It was NPR all day today.

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