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pps - i always wanted to play the clarinet.  i was a dork as a kid and i was really into swing music - benny goodman, artie shaw, glenn miller, the dorsey brothers, duke ellington, etc. - actually - it IS GOOD MUSIC - so why the hell not?

when i took a trip around the west with my highschool buddies, we stayed at some people's place in San Diego.  The daughter played clarinet, and she let me try my hand at it, since i already knew pennywhistle.  It was the funnest time ever.  It was LOVE.

I also would like to learn the irish Bagpipes one day.  I will.  I decided against joining the irish rock band, or getting involved in the RVC band thing, because i have stupid limitations right now.

what else do i play? - pennywhistle (i have two), awesome harmonica (i have three). - i once had a huge professional DOUBLE DECKER C harmonica, but it got stoled.  It was worth a lot.  Plus i kind of fiddle about on electric guitar - never really learnt it, but i jam pretty good to blues rock.  I also play vocal chords, that's my forte.  And i write songs.

oh - the misfits are coming to rockford this month!

melloncamp was here tonight - i know he means well, but i don't like most of his music.  when i was in indiana, they played him every other song!
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