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still on my way...

In the last few days, we have had a high-pressure front move in like I have never seen. It's dropping now, but still high. And this is why I had a schitzo day today. Friendly people, angry people.

My husky doll (on car) got all kinds of smiles from adults and kids. One woman pulled up beside me and honked her horn, laughing, and pointing at the husky. It's nice to cheer people up, but it's all nice when it comes back and cheers me up.

Talked a little to Jay at the ERC, and gave the other worker some chocolate, for which I will soon be crucified.

Some administration jerk angrilly told me to stop smoking in the "porch" which is OUTSIDE. "And there's the sign!" he said. Some little postage stamp - where EVERYBODY constantly smokes! I was so gracious, thanking him for telling me, and he didn't respond, so, he goes on the Dean's list. James Dean.

The thing to say here is that I did have a little troubling filing forms for my non-profit, as you may recall. One office would send my forms back, and say, first file another form with another office, or pay this or that. So who knows what went where when. Well, one office said everything was fine, and said I didn't even have to pay the $100 late fee. OK! Phew! The I get a notice saying the corporation has been dissolved! So, I wrote the other office, and never got a response. To re-register would cost ME maybe $300 dollars. So I called today, and was referred to a busy signal. Well, I thought I'd just write another letter later.

Half an hour later, I got an email saying we're all up-to-date. I guess we are undissolved! No $300 in fees! Woohoo!


Well, I need help building a park next year. Y'all are welcome.

Oh - I got trees in the mail today, so I guess I'll be planting them tomorrow.

Another Oh - I don't really lack motivation, folks... I get that way just before I get hit with fatigue or something. I must listen to my feelings, and do what I want, because if I don't I pay big time.

So much larger than life.

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