where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

waking up

house is great tonight

i finally am startign to be able to get up and walk around and figure out this or that.  i get to lie in bed in misery rather than agony.  my body is generating it's own heat better, i have less crushing fatigue in my head, or body, i can actually enjoy television.  but misery means the hyper-immune activity has lessened to the point where i am not so much a zombie, but just someone who has now returned to sneezing and itching  constantly.  i had no benedryl so i did a house search - found advil allergy, which is ok.  and one green teabag from maybe 2 years ago.  after trying every kind of nutritional thingie i could find, these two are helping.  at least - as always - it's good to know i'm on my way up.  i will be able to go out and shop on wednesday, and take kurska for some chicken and small children.  i'll be able to do beer - i just hope i don't get drunk and start throwing beers into the trick-or-treaters' bags.  but it's also daunting to be able to look aroud once again, and realise the massive amount of work i need to do - theoretically.  there's no way i can do what i need to do alone.  and i'm out of shape.  and yet another relative has threatened to beat the crap out of me.

what would house do?

i seldom let this negativity into my journal.  i make my journal funny because at least i can do that for you, plus when i write, i'm just happy i'm not sick.  thanks for all your well-wishes.  kurska says hi.

i might have to switch to a new bedroom to get away from the doggie smell, and make her sleep apart from me.  that would not be easy at all.
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