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chocolate for cfs and health - - -

thanks to my GREAT LJ friend umbreons_shadow for this:


part of my response to her:

thank you - that is AWESOME! - i will repost! -

one thing i PERSONALLY have learnt is that cfs people apparently deplete saturated fats necessary for the brain - so i always load up on saturated fats after a relapse - which isn't great for the heart - but i really porked out on chocolate a lot

i think the polyphenol thing is right on track - plus the love chemical in chocolate

but the serotonin thing in my opinion isn't as important as these - serotinin drugs are often prescribed for us - and they can be good or bad - in my case at least i think i need more acetylcholine - which i try to increase through sardines and something else - i forgot - maybe cauliflower

the problem with chocolate is the sugar - which is extremely bad for people with cfs - they are very vulnerable to yeast growth - and this produces chemicals in the blood like vinegar, ammonia, and etc., which are toxic - so then it means we can't eat so much chocolate

i just thought today that someone should create a product called "essence" - it would be a drink made from wine where the alcohol is removed - and then add to that non-sugar cocoa and other things - it would sell like hotcakes!
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