where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

if hell has german chocolate cake, then yes i am evil

i deeply feel we should respect and love each other and live in perfect whormony

with piece of just ass for all

sorry - i didn't want those puns to go to waste

i really love your peaches

well - it's nice to be relieved of the 8-year old child that has been sprouting from the left side of my head for the last three weeks

the operation was to be yesterday - but the little monkey took off before that could even happen

apparently he had issues with immigration and the IRS

he kept asking me to declare myself an independent country

"oh really?" i said, "how am i supposed to do that?"

he said, "believe me, just keep using that cologne"

well - back to reality - i just had a dream that stated AS A FACT that the chinese have always felt that hawaii was part of china, and they hoped to have it back some day, although they would never make a claim on it

what i know about the hawaiian islands: they were polynesian islands, probably also visitted by the japanese Ainu - and they sort of belonged to Britain for a few seconds

there is at least a 95% chance that i have NEVER heard that chinese "FACT" ever in my life - so that means if i research it and find it to be true, i will start believing it may be possible that dreams can be independent sources of information - just like fox news

because god knows my dreams lately have had almost nothing to do with me
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