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Not That Lindsay Is Gay or ANYTHING

I mean - she and her sister stood there laughing that I might be gay. Her sister said, "I saw him walking like this -- ha ha ha ha!!!!!" Doing the limp wrist thing. Now, IS THAT FUNNY OR WHAT??????

Why waste time on these morons?

But, Lindsay, while she gives up any true relationship with a man, must find a way to keep herself from becoming homosexual. So, she dons a Cubs T-shirt/ number, plays Cubs games on the radio, sits reading the Sports page all day, etc., etc. WHAT A LIFE. How fucking lucky she doesn't realise she is, hey? And she gets to go up to Lake Geneva on the weekends with the owners - "They're the same age as us," she tells me. Huh? Wishful thinking on her part. I'm never going up there with her and that crowd...

I thought, "How quaint. She has a dream. If I were her boyfriend, I would support her.... UNTIL I FOUND OUT THAT SHE DOESN'T WANT AN ACTUAL BOYFRIEND. SHE WANTS A CUBBIE - IN THE FUTURE. So, I thought... I could deal with that - I don't want a serious relationship with anyone in this bullshit town anyway. BUT THEN I THOUGHT. WHO NEEDS MORE WHEEL-SPINNING WITH BULLSHIT PEOPLE???????????????

So, as far as that Cafe goes, its either Abbey or Angie for me. I'm thinking more about Angie, even though she is only about 18, yet twenty seven feet tall, for she still sees the wonder in life. And, she is completely in awe of me - so she must be onto SOMETHING RIGHT. If I didn't like myself, I should never go after a girl who has a crush on me. But since I like myself, this could actually work.

That's about all I can remeber for nwo.

Finished painting my car. Added a nice water-seal shine to it, which is probably being washed away as it rains even while I type....

I love the rain.

Find me a girl who loves the rain - yet is not clinically depressed!

Lindsay may yet have a role in my life: As a matchmacker. Wouldn't it be something if I asked her to do this - since she knows so many girls - and referred her to my defamatory profile at American Singles!!!!!!!

What a pathetic life I have.


Oh - the fat girl at the RVC ERC whom I steered away finally looked at me, scowling. OF COURSE. That was predictable! It was precisely because she was so overly interested in me that I got rid of her, knowing that such a girl only harbors a split (bitch) personality! I am all-knowing!

Oh - I fixed our drier. Had to have three bottles of beer just to deal with it. That would have put my IQ at a measly 123. Usaulayy, its two points lower than Shakira's...

For a good time, see BEERSTUDY.COM!!!

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