where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

the ultimate emo

well - one of the hottest girls i've ever seen is on tyra crying about how she can't quit cocaine because she is afraid of getting fat

i realise this is a serious struggle for her

but another interpretation is that she is a spoilt little brat who doing a major drama scene cuz she is addicted to ATTENTION

do you know what it's like to watch such a hot girl be so fucked up?  i'm telling you - it's hell for me!

i've been through girls like that - and none of them were that hot - and i don't want that vain wasteful bullshit in MY life


so it is very very confusing to want some HOT girl who is so full of crap

she should consider other people - like us confused guys

it makes us want to run away and hide forever

have pity on us

uh boo hoo hoo
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