I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

getting started

i woke up realising i had to move my car back out of the drive - cuz some guys are moving heavy stuff out of the garage and they didn't finish yesterday.  but i never move my car unless i go do something else - so i went and got beer.

these guys - like a midwestern version of lenny and squiggy - bought some alcohol and saw i was waiting at the register while the cashier was on the phone - so the little guy immediately goes "where is all the help around here?" and he plants his stuff at another register.  it was an obvious attempt to butt ahead.  then the girl gets off the phone and walks over to them.  so i say "sorry - i was first" waving my beer around - so i walk over and step ahead of them.  the big guy goes "let him go ahead" and i say "yeah i know, you just wanted to drop your stuff" and he goes "i just didn't want to be carrying it" and i said "yeah that's what i'm saying" and the little guy was all nervous cuz he had little big man disease

then i went out to where my car was parked and two dogs in the van next to my car were still scraping at the windows and snarling and barking at my kurska - they wouldn't shut up

so i opened my side door and start hugging kurska - "oh!  i love you so much!  you're such a gooooood dog!  i love you i love you i LOVE YOU!!!" - and after that the dogs just shut the hell up - ha ha ha

dog psychology

but of course at the gas station, kurska seems inspired to bark at the lady at the next pump.  (this required a lot of conversation with her when i got home).  bad influences.  bad bad influences.

at the gas station some hot girl didn't even smile at me, but some hot hispanic girl eyed me two times.  i also added some oil etc. there, and put on a new hubcap, which was lost during the flash flooding here.  at home, i called the car place, and they will get my brakes and exhaust fixed tomorrow - although no rear rotors, so i'm not really perfect.  i called my regular car place to see if they would give me better prices, but the poor guy RAY hates eagle summit wagons cuz it's so hard to find parts, and he is always overworked.  he will die of a heart attack.  object lesson: never place nice guys in auto repair positions.  they're like doctors - they WANT to help but they usually can't.

now kurska is lying straight-on looking at me with her head tucked cutely between her paws.

say - if you can find me a cheap exhaust or rear rotors or a computer for and eagle summit wagon AWD 1995 on ebay, etc., within a day, i will pay you money.

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