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class of 2007

purple, black and white, metalic, shirt dresses, gaudy jewelry, small jackets - these are hot this year - i know all about women's fashion! - for one thing, if a guy watches women's fashion, he knows how men will be dressing in a few years, cuz we get the blow-back hand-me-down fashion trends - except when you see things like man-like ankle pants

for another thing, it helps a guy identify the richer or more frivolous girls who are more likely to avoid dorks and go for one-night-stands.  AND - there are the girls who APPROXIMATE fashion in their own ways - the ones who do it good are the best - independent and fun.  the ones who do it bad tend to be desperate and dorky.

now - the subject of class - class is important to me.  things i consider classy:

- keeping promises or shutting up
- empathy
- subtlety
- irony - NOT sarcasm (unless it's playful and ironic)
- originality and creativity
- deference
- urbane self-effacement
- not gossiping unless there was a clear injustice
- honesty - NOT being disengenuous and asking questions - when you would rather all the attention be on you
- a generous spirit - NOT leaving your dog 12 million dollars
- respect - NOT turning you back or talking with your butt if you don't hear what you didn't want to hear
- facilitating group conversation
- self-respect and style
- a sense of humour
- a sophisticated understanding of the delicacies of people, ethics, politics, and right and wrong
- not muttering disapprovals under your breath when you don't do a damn civil thing to deal with them
- not spending your life trying to prove you're right or trying to trounce phantom siblings to gain phantom parental approval
- not ignoring people forever until they scream in your face and you think you get to judge them for that
- not watching someone spend all their time and money entertaining you and then blowing them off
- not labelling people as selfish simply because they know how to communicate and you don't
- forgiveness - not self-congratulation - i mean forgiveness and respect
- not attacking people behind their backs so you can scare sheep into following you
- and so forth - echetterrah!  echetterrah!

now - an interesting thing is that my definition of class is basically similar to the more rudimentary idea of NOT SINNING in religious codes

although i am not pro-religion, i am not keen on the whole idea of deliberately SINNING out of spite and rebellion against your religion or moral upbringing - and then hypocritically falling back into line when you're in church or with your family power structure - that's about the most unclassy thing to do - it betrays a cowering selfishness and a lack of personal integrity and wholeness - and it tends to fuck-over the poor - how you ever going to fathom subtlety, empathy or practicality when you're banging back and forth between black and white?

it seems a lot of people go to church to compensate this moral discrepancy - and up their class status a few notches - in they heeads

but that guy jesus was talking about being classy on the fricken streets - it's not too hard to figure out if you're honest and responsible with yourselves - it's the only way for "perpetual class revolution" (as jefferson imagined) to occur

instead - people who are classy on the streets are crucified - figure that one out and you are getting somewhere

religionists are jealous of the fricken DEAD - that's why zombie movies are popular (hypothesis) - because the dead come back and say "OK - you jealous of us?  you been fuckin with us?  well now it's payback time!" - and yet, apparenty they are even more jealous of the living, cuz if they could have their way, the whole world could go to purgatory right now in a handbasket and then everything would be morally correct.

ok - enough of that - anyone know a good place where i can create some free or cheap websites without having them set spyware in my computer???  i want at least one site where people can post videos...
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