I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

late night tv

i never noticed before but chris dodd had some kind of fly in his hair

news - all sorts of tragedy  :(

if you want to see what i like - just watch stephanie sy on ABC world news now or whatever it's called - she's not UBER cute but i love her style - if you have a similar style please IM me forthwith

there's some cute black movie on fox right now - like a black indie film but in the white styley - kind of like "girlfriends" which i sorta like

i just realised i saw three people from my past at the grocery store - then there was the black woman who was insistent that i take her cart cuz it wasn't wet - but i told her mine wasn't wet either - then she passed me while shopping and i was whistling along to stevie wonder: "i wish those DAYS - COULD - come back once more..."  and she starts dancing and clicking her fingers in the eisle - then some white woman is next to me while i'm whistling and was like "did you start this?!

i so want the magic bullet!  and if i could have that thing that cooks food with a halogen lamp i would be set for life.  then there's the thing that vacuum-marinates whick looks awesome, esp. with all the extra storage containers.  somewhere in there they throw in some handy chopper - can you imagine what i could do with all that stuff?!!!  plus maybe i should buy a few of those time-life CD collections, burn the CDs and then return them for money back - kinda like the old napster but with more paperwork.

and maybe i should get the hovercraft / power chair - with a free magic-gripper!  i don't really need one but i like the beach boys and i figure if i get one maybe the irritating commercials will finally go away.

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