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the thing about carpenter pants

Is the pockets don't fall down when you sit so the change doesn't pool conveniently. I find this annoying.


I don't know who they are or what they want but I'm not going because the singles scene in Rockford is inherently retarded........

From: "anne_n_mark69" <anne_n_mark69@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 15:05:33 -0000
Subject: [RocktownSingles] Exclusive swingers party this week-end. Still open for invites.

We are having another party in the downtown 4 stars hotel. (Not the
same hotel as last time).

We have 6 couples and 3 females and 1 male. We need more couples and
very select males to make things insteresting. We are not setting a
number limit but we would like to keep things cozy and intimate.

There will be a contribution of $20 which goes to cover the cost of
the hotel suite (yes, this time we go a big "presidentiel" suite). I
checked it myself and it's really nice.

Now the rules:

-Dress casually for the lobby. They don't know our business. Let's
not tell them
-Hellen will greet you at the lobby and ID will be rewuired.
-We will schedule a chat at http://www.swapperads.net and you MUST
attend. This helps us familiarize with each other.

How To apply:
-Go to http://www.swapperads.net and post a profile.
-Your Profile MUST have at least one picture
-Check our event listing in their "Parties/Events" section.
-Send Us an email as to your experience and why we should allow you
to join.
-Check your email regularly

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