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things that make you go ew!

i'm still in hot mode and it's COLD!

i'm a great lover of bread - and fish - and no i am not jesus i'm just me.  i tried some "coreander bread" i thought i would promo it - it's really GOOD and addictive but slightly confusing cuz of the weird edgy aspect of the spice.  it tastes like italian sweet bread except more in the direction of a cinamon roll.  (i have given up learning how to spell cinamon - i confuse it with ctfmon.exe).  I also have beer bread which is rather smooth and pleasant yet rugged and offensive ha ha.  so now i'm mad those protesters didn't spill that beer in the river in JANESVILLE wisconson - that way i could have caught beer fish in the rock river to go with my beer bread.

there's been a lot of cleaning around here lately - and last night i spent hours sorting it all into recycleable bundles - so all i put out was a big mound of recylceables and ZERO-footprint-on-the-earth traditional trash.

i don't get people who go around saying they're so concerned about the environment and corporations etc., but when they throw out their trash they dump anything and everything into the same bags, destined for the dump.  then they act like people who DON'T waste like that are just fastidious losers - when it is THEY (donkey bottom heads) who are fastidious.  They must go off and do their far more important work and spend their far more important money.

i also don't like people who are completely irresponsible in conversation, but tisk or grumble at whatever you say, because they have a fixed prejudice about who you are or what you represent.  but they gladly talk behind your back amongst themselves.  and they stop paying for therapy when they start realising that their moral righteousness is mainly based on jealousy and inadequacy, and they have basically been creating the situations they bitch about.  and maybe, just maybe, it's ok for other people to live their own "immoral" lives.  these are the same types of people who invoke censorship when they get the chance, as if - no - that is no inconvenience to others - no - because the problem has always been THE OTHER PERSON.

or the people who - when you show them something they don't happen to like - they just sit there silently as if they're trying to take a crap, and you're supposed to get all concerned and worried about their all-important feelings, and apologize and repent because you have just omg insulted their very existence - oooh - lucky them - another chance for them to hate.

the title of today's sermon has been, "people who suffer from head-in-ass disease"
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