where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

smoke bombs

little known facts:

right-handed people never wave with their left hands

america was first discovered by canadians

president rutherford b hayes was a cannibal

dinosaurs were highly intelligent and had an ongoing anti-terrorism campaign against lemurs

washing machines revolve counter-clockwise in australia and new zealand

every forty years the solar system revolves around pluto for 17 days

the mayans invented the toaster oven

melissa rivers was created from a skin graft

it is impossible to tie your shoes with your elbows

south america celebrates the fourth of july as "dependence day"

all people with back problems are either secretly or openly homosexual

santa claus is a rabbit

global warming is caused by antiperspirants

it is illegal for siamese twins to run for president and vice president

the tv series "lost" was filmed entirely in new jersey, in one take and on quaaludes

if you grab a complete stranger's earlobe you will be granted three wishes

before q-tips were invented, people used hockey pucks

adam sandler has three testicles

if you fart on the moon it can be heard in greenland

the entire city of cairo, egypt, was manufactured in atlanta
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