where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

smoke on the water

my arm really was broken - i finally went to the hospital and now my arm is in a cast

two days of heavy fatigue, but got out today w/ kurska - i took her to get a free bag dog food - she walked around in the store and sniffed butt - i did the human version of that

outside, some guy in a leg cast followed me around asking for a light.  he totally reminded me of the crazy gay guy on the corner.  then his mom calls and he tells her the latest story about how people treat him like he's rude and crazy - which he was.  he didn't even say "thank you" when i went to my car and got him a light.

went to the ER - filled with lots of interesting peeps - like a couple in handcuffs escorted by police - they were high i think - "you didn't have to smack me around man, i wasn't trying to resist you"

some uber hot black girl sat across from me - she was shy but we smiled - she had a left-arm prob too - i was too tired - but i eventually got up and kept walking around - there was this goofy cute little kid there with his goofy older brother - they were fun/ny

the most severely injured were these two big he-man white guys who lay around moaning - they had cute gfs who caught my attention - (one of them was kind of ponderous when i left in a cast like her bf, like - "hey - how come YOU weren't  lying around moaning too?")

the hospital babes all got along swimmingly with me except the triage girl who politely had a bug up her ass - i guess she thought i was a woos

the physicians assistant was very nice and professional but she dropped her pen when she was leaving, she went to get it, saying, "my leg hurts when i bend it" - i just go, "wow - you should go to an emergency room"

the guy who casted me was cool - he had a motorcycle - but not inside the hospital

this all took 5 fucking hours - while kurska's out waiting in the car - in the night - in a thunderstorm - poor dear - although she's not actually a dear she's a dog

got home, smelling somone's house somewhere on fire - logged on hearing firetrucks - not knowing if relatives have been sneaking around in here

the theme of this post is some days are filled with sprinkles of foreboding

i can only type with one hand - so don't expect much from me this week - bya
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