I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

back to normal - sans l'onions

i LOVE rice!

i just finished cooking a giant pot of rice and it is a great success - it is delicious!

i really craved the taste of fluffy pure-white rice, nothing more. but i also wanted to add some protein and other stuff. i'm usually not so good at flavouring or adding-to my rice without ruining that pure rice taste and texture. but this time it worked - on a massive scale. i'm having a rice party now!  see!  my panda's dancing!

about one fifth of the mix contains split peas and lentils.  first i boiled them soft but not soupy, then i rinsed them.

then i started cooking the rice on top of that.  that was about four and 1/2 cups of rice, about one cup of rice-a-roni, and less than one half cup of macaroni to eat the remaining water.  turned out water was not a problem and i had to add two cups more later.  and i had to time the dif ingredients right.

to flavour - i used one half of the rice-a-roni beef flavour packet, a little sumac, a little lemon juice, pepper, a little macaroni cheese flavouring, a little sweet yam syrup, and salt.  this really wasn't a lot - i only intended a hint of flavour - something that would blend all the grains tastes into something ricey and slightly meaty.

turned out just the way i wanted it too - fluffy, sticky - RICEY! - and the dark vermicelli from the rice-a-roni gave it a really nice kick.

so - maybe i gave you some ideas!  rice is nice

"um - uh - why is Brendan talking about rice?!"

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