where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
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just another tricky day... - UPDATE


I had a dream last night that i was in a class and the teacher went out so we had nothing to do, so i wrote this paper about something - something relevant - and i got up to read it.  Then about half a dozen students interrupted me and wanted to write their own papers and read them first.  Then Keith Richards or somebody walks in and he wants to read HIS paper.  I told him the same thing, "can't you all just do this in order?"  But he started talking about his career and i said i'd be glad to promote him - although isn't he dead?  Then he started back trying to read his paper, and it was all ridiculous.  It was such a  microcosm of a fatal flaw in american society, jealousy, me-first, everyone loses.

I also had a dream where i went out and talked to my neighbours about neighbour stuff, then went on a walk, met people, etc.  When i got back home and went inside, I sat down and suddenly realised that all the time that i was outside i was dressed up like a girl.  OH.  MY.  GOD!

I went down to the city yesterday and left a message there.  I sang that "Mah-nah-mah-nah! - do do do do do!" song in the lobby.  Today, FINALLY, the inspector called me back, and we cleared things up, so everything's fine about that.

I was uber tired today.  By the time i was ready to go out, we were having a severe thunderstorm.  It wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.  so i put kurska in the car and turned the ignition.  The car screamed at me.  She just broke down.  I had a good idea of what happened, so i drove it around the block - pretty sure the front left tire rod broke.  I'll be able to afford fixing that - i was planning to do that anyway.  This came just exactly at the right time - because finances are back to normal.  The only prob is if the broken tire rod has affected other things, in which case i dunno.  Thank goodness i have free towing.

I'm not too worried about it.  I like getting my car new parts.
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