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* - galaxy

the big chill

Posted on 2007.05.30 at 18:14
hey.... haaaaaa....

despite my better judgment, i went out and worked in the back yard today.  cleaning refuse, bagging, moving metal, shovelling.  i don't know if you know this about me, but when i'm ready to work, i REALLY fuckin WORK!  this is so bad for my poison ivy and cfs - it will take me a week to get over it.  so - yay - you get what you asked for - more boring posts about poison ivy!  although i know you just said that to be nice.  the neighbour girl next door was staring out her window as i threw gigantic logs into my garage, grunting and groaning, and her mom had to yell at her to watch the banana cookies.  ha ha.  i don't know what banana cookies are.  and i don't know why girls find this stuff so fascinating, it's just a bunch of worthless silliness.  but anyway, the only prominent feature remaining is a pile of branches - which i told the city i'm taking care of, WITHOUT their nagging thank you very much.  and if the city doesn't like that they can eat my panties.  there's a neat pile of cinder blocks back there which i plan to USE, but i don't know if they care about that - they probably do since they are fascist Bolshevists.  Actually - everything i do back there, i plan to use, as mulch, fertilizer, or fill, or something else.  i am a total recycling maniac.  it just bothers me that i don't have say over this, and they want to come in and waste taxpayers money and badger people and throw things in the city dump because they don't have SHIT to do with the environment.  and the frickin crazy gay guy on the corner is salivating to see it all happen - him and his fucking lawn chemicals.


well i am literally chilling now - i'm totally naked with fans blowing all over me

just waiting for your call


benditlikee at 2007-05-31 00:02 (UTC) (Lien)
I'm calling - you're not answering ;) I'd watch you out the window, too. I'm a total stalker. lol. I'm kidding ...wait..or am I ?
Btw, after my bikram yoga class I come home, shower, and lay naked on my bed with all of the fans blowing on me ..it feels so good.

yay! for the poison ivy posts. ;)
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-31 00:16 (UTC) (Lien)
whoever thought of naked deserves a peace prize or something - i think it's a great idea

i've never done yoga but i used to stare at this one cosmic new age mama on tv when she would bend her limbs - omg - like - is this for real? - how do i get one of you?

i'm up for IMing tonight if you want to chat
moonjaguar at 2007-05-31 01:01 (UTC) (Lien)

Eh, I'd think the fascist Bolshevists would think the cinder blocks are a good thing, they can be made useful. More like the whitewashers gentrifiers are trying to take over Rockford. Cripes, they ruined Elgin for me by making it too high-price for me to live and I was born there dammit, thanks for deporting me.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-31 10:54 (UTC) (Lien)
yeah - there's gentrification here too - and it's sure to spread to this neighbourhood - which would be an improvement - except they'll be throwing out good apples with the bad

it's more about the old nag neighbourhood orgs though - they make blanket judgments and base most of their ideas on fear or racism - not that they're all bad - at least SOMETHING is happening

but hell - if they rile the city up enough - so, e.g., the city wants to take away a pile of rich dirt i am using for fill - hell why don't they just do all my gardening for me too hey?!

where does it end?
Fiona Ramirez
fee_oh_nah at 2007-05-31 01:13 (UTC) (Lien)
OMG, MR. MADMAN! I cannot believe you ditched me! Like, I would NEVER go grocery shopping with you because you'd probably get me lost in the bread section while you run off to the Jell-O!

I'll fail all my exams, thanks to you and I'll never make it out of school.

BTW- you.naked.covered in poison ivy and that pink stuff.sweaty.with fans on you...

TOTALLY my fantasy. Haha!
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-31 01:19 (UTC) (Lien)
i didn't ditch you!

i'm just waiting til ...

ha ha ha

talk to you soon
snakeswhoran at 2007-05-31 05:58 (UTC) (Lien)
Naked + Fans = Best idea ever.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-31 11:21 (UTC) (Lien)
hi kalla! - hey i really like the guitar in your myspace song - and you like a lot of good music - plus play harmonica!?

yeah - fans of naked - it's getting humid in these parts
buffle at 2007-05-31 12:04 (UTC) (Lien)
if i were the girl, i would stare at you because it is so mesmerizing...

ohoh, a guy without any clothes; that is the very best girl's fantasy.

uh huh.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-31 19:18 (UTC) (Lien)
ok wow - well i'll just let you girls be girls then cuz you mesmerize me
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