I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

the big chill

hey.... haaaaaa....

despite my better judgment, i went out and worked in the back yard today.  cleaning refuse, bagging, moving metal, shovelling.  i don't know if you know this about me, but when i'm ready to work, i REALLY fuckin WORK!  this is so bad for my poison ivy and cfs - it will take me a week to get over it.  so - yay - you get what you asked for - more boring posts about poison ivy!  although i know you just said that to be nice.  the neighbour girl next door was staring out her window as i threw gigantic logs into my garage, grunting and groaning, and her mom had to yell at her to watch the banana cookies.  ha ha.  i don't know what banana cookies are.  and i don't know why girls find this stuff so fascinating, it's just a bunch of worthless silliness.  but anyway, the only prominent feature remaining is a pile of branches - which i told the city i'm taking care of, WITHOUT their nagging thank you very much.  and if the city doesn't like that they can eat my panties.  there's a neat pile of cinder blocks back there which i plan to USE, but i don't know if they care about that - they probably do since they are fascist Bolshevists.  Actually - everything i do back there, i plan to use, as mulch, fertilizer, or fill, or something else.  i am a total recycling maniac.  it just bothers me that i don't have say over this, and they want to come in and waste taxpayers money and badger people and throw things in the city dump because they don't have SHIT to do with the environment.  and the frickin crazy gay guy on the corner is salivating to see it all happen - him and his fucking lawn chemicals.


well i am literally chilling now - i'm totally naked with fans blowing all over me

just waiting for your call
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