where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

join hands and kick ass

been dealing with a cfs headache, and one arm is still itchy - woe is me

does anyone belong to consumer reports online?  i want to find out how much trans fat is in domino's pizza - it seems like a lot.

why can't we find out what's in take-out food?  it seems stupid.

i don't know why i ever get dominoes - it's blah.

wow - read the end of each of my statements - i'm being so negative today!  ha ha

i actually IMed two friends last night - had a good time.  i haven't done that since burl ives was president.

ok - well - my poll results were fun - you guyzez are great!  i'll post about that soon!  so there's still time to take it - pleeeeeeeeze?


and i have new communities for ya:

get_class - how to become rich and famous in an intelligent fashion.   "turn to the left.... bah bah bah bah bah bah bah"

brain_bogglers - figuring out the meaning of humanity's and the planet's existence and future,

dont_add_me_foo - this is an add-me community for funny people.  Totally ironic - been around since when fats domino was president.
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