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I am the person who will destroy China.

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Did you know?: If you get a sharp object jammed in your ear it will kill you withing 90 seconds or sooner? = donated by psychostalker9

Well - it was nice to read a little support in psychostalker9's journal. If you're still wondering if I'm a stalker or a child-molester, go read it.

I'll write a "why I do the things I do" entry later. For now, a few things:

- If I am not 100% positive and hopeful, I get serious relapses. This illness is not psychological, it is whole-systemic, and highly sensitive to stress, etc. In the thick of it, it robbed my of my ability to cherish novelty and to be creative - so I am at war with it, seeking out such in this boring town.

- I believe hope lies with the young, and with the females - apparently, not so much so around here.

- I AM looking for a girlfriend. Got a prob with that? So I meet a teen, maybe she has older friends. I don't lust after strangers.

- I HAVE "gone out" with teens, as friends. It helps to meet face to face. They are all still friends. Most people who meet and talk to me like me. Most people who don't, create problems.

- So I'm not from around these parts. What's a positive Aussie from Madison gonna do when he lives here with no friends? - observe realistically, and talk positively where he can - including about himself. NOT giving into the obsession around here that everyone MUST have low self-esteem, or else - or else its gossip gossip gossip and backstab.

- I'm interested in psych.

- I hung on to the dream of Kris so long PRECISELY BECAUSE I never in the slightest stalked her or made a move on her. And I let others know she was the girl I was interested in - so why would I feel like stalking THEM?!! And yet these little harpies dug their claws into that as well.

- "Please tell me I'm pretty - even though I know I'm not. But DON'T patronise me!" And allow me and my friends to believe whatever lies we want, and accept no apologies or explanations or elucidations, and to gossip amongst ourselves - JUST LIKE THE CRAP YOU DESCRIBED AT YOUR CAFES, in revenge for your describing the crap at your cafes.

- yep, at every cafe, I was rumoured ot be gay, crazy, a stalker, blah blah blah... And no one ever asked. Say, are you normal?

- Every other movie/ TV movie in the nineties was something like "Family Danger" "Fatal Obsession" etc. No wonder.

Oy vay!


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