I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

good grief

does poison ivy have ANY positive environmental value? - i mean, does it feed any particular insects or anything?  cuz if they can come up with a virus to kill it all, then i am all for it!

i suppose one thing it does is keep people out of the woods.  but those days are all gone.  now people use bulldozers to go into the woods, so it is being completely illogical.

i was going to go out but that won't happen too soon!  erghh!  breaking benjamin and three days grace and 8 others at the speedway!

i figured out my java problem - fixed it and it even sped up my processing a good wee bit.  but i still can't run online scans cuz the active x controls don't download.  what i'm trying next is hopefully downloading a second firewall and see if that's the prob.

well - i helped humanity again.  i just saw a commercial for a local lawyer, Gregg Tuitte.  A long time ago, when he was running for some office, I suggested a slogan for him.  Now it's in his lawyer commercials, "Get Tuitte!"  (get to it)

i also invented the internet.

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