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i am a salad

Posted on 2007.05.22 at 16:38


where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2007-05-23 19:50 (UTC) (Lien)
me too - i am totally INSANE FOR SUMAC! - it's soooo beautiful in the fall - in fact - i tried to get as close as i could to that colour when i was painting my car - (see user page) - didn't get too close but it worked for me

i have been aching to plant sumac all along the back wall of our property - but damn it needs sun - and the guy behind us has a white oak growing up big and shady - plus i need to fix the wall first - but i absolutely love sumac - it feeds the birds! - and it is native! - but i tried several times to transplant young plants from the wild and it never workded - :(( - i shall prevail in this, i'm telling you!

you know what - i even use sumac herb when i cook - it has a nice sour taste - and it makes my dog-food a lot "meatier" - i guess it is used a lot in the middle east - my dog doesn't react badly to it - although it's related to poisonous species

yes - the Ailnthus does look a bit like sumac. except it is way taller, and it's leaves are wimpier, stankier, and a paler green. no autumn red. sumac leaves have more teeth and are strong and healthy.

do you know that your love of sumac was one of the reasons i decided to add you?! - anyone who loves sumac is a friend of mine!!

i'm sorry the elms are dying around you. rockford was named the forest city because of it's magnificent elms which canopied the streets like great cathedrals. then dutch elm disease killed most of them off. they now have a dutch elm resistant strain now, so - i am waiting for the right mayor to replant our elms. instead, we have a lot of box elders which, even though they are native, are as bad as weeds. i want to invent a disease for them - ha ha

and catalpa - i really love the floppy-leafed catalpa and it's incredible flowers! almost none grow here, but i did find one out by the rr tracks. it would be nice to plant one, i know they'll start doing well here due to global warming.

yes - sumac will overgrow in the right conditions - but the other side of the coin is they don't love urban conditions. i will only plant them where they can be contained. i've been on the lookout for poisonous sumac, but we don't seem to have many here.

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