where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

become one with the universe!

for a limited time only, you can become one with the universe!

bask in the glory of infinitely chaotic confusion!

meet old high-school friends you only saw through doors in chemistry labs!

abandon your body to the instant prestige of a talking lap-top!

drink bubble-tea down by the pool of ignorance and want, discussing prime numbers with anna nicole smith!

yes - you too can reach nirvana in a brand new toyota scion - without sending ANYONE to iraq - for a low-down price of only $59.95 - the price of a mcafee internet security suite - (include your e-mail and home phone number and a digital recording of your last ten visits to the confessional booth)!

send in the enclosed pop-up and you will ALSO receive:

$ - a secret mission spy ring containing a whistle, a useless telescope, an encrypted copy of "dante's inferno", and traces of a powerful mind-controlling drug!

$ - instructions on how to sell pornography at airports!

$ - a fingernail clipping from O'Sama Bin Laden!

$ - a bag of instant rice pudding!

$ - your momma!

$ - and an all-expense paid 7-day vacation in beautiful sunny Las Vegas, home of satan!

act now - pay as you go - lie and steal - thrust your mindless fantasies on mankind - do cocaine! - and get the chance to become one of the chosen few... Invest in PLASTICS!

become an instant minister, appear on prairie home companion, and
Win the right to PROTEST PANCAKES with impunity!

after our home-schooling and a little sadism, you can join the millions of americans who are already living the good life as

Master of the Universe! -

just take our quiz to see if you have UNEARTHLY CREATIVE SKILLS and receive our FREE BUMPER STICKER TODAY! - "I am ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE! Don't fuck with ME=mcSCARED!"

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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