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What She Said

compliments of kamigirl25:

"People in the world who say 'I don't care if Bush gets elected' are telling those people who are poor that 'I don't care if I destroy your lives.'" - Noam Chomski............

I wouldn't gloat TOO much over Bush's victory. He barely won, which I think is a pretty loud commentary for someone who has billed himself as "a uniter, not a divider." It's amazing that someone so focused on uniting us has pushed us to such polar opposites in this country.

There is a special place in the afterlife for men like Bush. Every single person who has died in Iraq is on his soul. We did NOT need to go to war there, and the logic that everyone is using now to re-elect him (i.e., "it's stupid to change presidents in the middle of war") is circuitous at best and tragically flawed at its worst.

But that's because everyone voted on the "sound bites" of the election. No one scratched the surface of the issues. Had people taken the time to do so, I firmly believe that these elections would have been drastically different. Bush would not have been voted in.

We are a nation of acquiescent children, lulled into voting for the one with the best campaign slogan.

Congratulations, America. You've just ensured the destruction of our environment, our social system and any global credibility that we may have been able to yet salvage. You've just ensured that old people are fleeced out of money and that those that are wealthy can continue to stay wealthy off of the backs of the poor.

How very Christian of you.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Oh, and one other thing:

For those of you who are out cheering that good things happened today with the election, please know that there are probably people that you know--probably people on your very own LJ friends list--that rely on the social structures of Medicaid, Medicare and SSI disability that will be negatively impacted by some of the reforms that Bush and his Republican friends are planning on imposing.

In fact, I can name quite a few people myself who have breast cancer and rely on these systems of support as they try and muddle their way through treatment.

That's great that your family is prospering, but how about thinking of someone besides yourself for a change? Hugging people and telling them you're sorry when bad things happen to them is pretty shitty lip service when you're actions speak otherwise.

Ok, I think I've gotten most of this out of my system.

. . . . . . . . . . .

I know it sounds harsh, but you know...

Back in the 1920's, during the increased awareness of Republican "laissez-faire" capitalism, many people voted against expanding social programs. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as men like Andrew Carnegie donated $380 million of his personal fortune to establishing social institutions to help the kinds of people that our current social security system now aids.

Bear in mind this was $380 million in the 1920's. That equates to $3.8 BILLION today.

For all of those people I know who voted for Bush, very few actually donate their time or money towards any kind of philanthropy. And I'm not talking the flimsy kind of philanthropy that incorporates wearing a "Live Strong" Lance Armstrong bracelet or buying Girl Scout cookies. I'm talking the kind of philanthropy that provides a roof for the homeless and medical care for those in need.

If you want to vote for the party that wants to begin abolishing social programs, fine. But then I had better see your ass out there donating your time and money supporting those non-governmental institutions that can jump in when government sponsored aid ends. And if you're not doing that AND voted for the party that seeks to eliminate social assistance, then yeah...I think you're selfish.

Society is only as strong as its weakest link, and shoring up of that weak link is the only way for society to remain intact.

Ok, NOW I think I've got it out of my system. ;-)


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