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look - i made a really boring entry look interesting!

how about these gas prices eh?

maybe what this country needs (besides a new energy policy) is a large coalition of consumer owned gas station cooperatives, who buy from the lowest-selling oil companies - and wield enough influence to bring prices down

i heard that road rage in Texas is very low - makes me think twice about Texas - road rage in this region is pretty high.  Maybe Texas drivers are just all happy about their lower gas prices.

And Rockford is top in the state for arresting drunk drivers.  It's also top in the state for having a green energy outlook - which isn't saying much.  It's prolly just because it's closest to Madison.  But another good thing - Rockford is getting the most funds from the Illinois EPA - that means some giant abandoned brown-site industrial buildings downtown by the river can be cleaned up and/or removed, for downtown development.  (That also means that we might be able to develop a water racing course on the river in time to use for the Olympics, if they do come to Chicago).  I have always been a downtown development nut.  I once advised the former mayor to turn one of those industrial buildings into a technology museum/convention center.  Well - why is Rockford getting more IL EPA funds?  Nobody is saying it, but it's because my friend the former mayor is now the head of the IL EPA.

OMG!  Gerry Falwell is dead!!!  May he rest in pieces...

More Rockford promo...  The Chicago-Rockford Airport, which might be chosen as the major diversion for the over-capacity Chicago O'Hare Airport, was voted the best in the state this year.  It is also a major UPS mail hub.  Plus we will be getting passenger rail service to Chicago fairly soon - by hook or by crook.  PLUS we have the new rail/transportation hub in Rochelle, which I believe is the biggest in the nation.  So Rockford quietly Rocks.  Yet it still tries to market itself as the sock-monkey capital of the world.

I had an exhausting day today - but one where I was able to push myself.

Did some cleaning.  Then I took Kurska on the following adventure...

Got free food.  The only good thing they had though was cottage cheese and spaghettios - with TOO MANY meatballs!  They also have too many sweets - but this time it wasn't too bad - M&M Cookies, and candy licorice - which I can melt down and make into a drink, with other stuff I have.  Licorice is good for you, but not all the sugar.  I also have more bread than I can shake a faggot at.

"faggot" - (UK) - "A ball of chopped meat and liver mixed with bread and herbs, eaten fried or baked"

"faggot" - "
A bundle of sticks and branches bound together"

"faggot" - "A Teletubby who was reponsible for 9/11" - Jerry Falwell.

I also dropped off an antique AM/SW radio for a relative, and picked up a care package from another relative.

Bought beer and dog food - supposed to last a while.  At least until the freebie internet dog food shows up and I can make beer from that.

Now I must do more cleaning, and maybe some paperwork.  I should be in good shape tomorrow, so I'll do some mowing.  The grass is going to seed, which the neighbours don't like.  But that's the best way of controlling weeds.

But now there seems to be a cop who moved in down the street and it makes me nervous, plus I have a LOUD car.  But I don't drive it as much because of gas prices.

Solution?  I should make ethenol out of my grass!

Or else beer!

Same difference!
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