I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

mow jo

I have these two vacant city lots.  I formed a non-profit to buy them and try to turn them into "community wilderness parks".  I had big dreams - stuck in Rockford as I was.  But the City and the County didn't work with me, and volunteers and funds didn't happen.  I was too sick to do all this myself - but I tried.  Then I let the non-profit go defunct, and now no one knows who owns these lots.

Recently, I had that old itch to go out there and garden - to mow down that garlic mustard if only to save our own property from invasion.  But I have a hell of a lot of other things to deal with, including our own property.

So imagine how good I felt when I saw two guys out there mowing the lot next-door.  Two white guys - very odd.  Were they on a crusade to improve the neighbourhood?  Well, I figured I'd go out and interview them and see if they wanted the lots.  I also had to make sure they wouldn't mow down any of my planted trees. 

They were actually mowing the lot by mistake - for a landlord across the way.  So they were interested, but they stopped, and said they had wasted time and had to get to other properties.  I asked them to give their landlord my number.  (As long as he wasn't the CRAZY CHRISTIAN LANDLORD I used to post about.  I really don't want these lots falling into the hands of evil).

They said I was in the middle of "Crack-Town".

Now I feel like mowing the rest.

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