where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

did anyone see oprah today?

She had Chris Angel, magician and so forth.  Amazing!  I want to fucking know how he does that stuff!

I did see how he might have come to some "psychic" conclusions via observation, like through the knife-under-cup trick, etc.  But still - the observations aren't fail-proof, and to act so confident in assessing them, it gives me pause...

What I really liked about him is that he emphasised the emotional connection to the audience, like Houdini.  Houdini said, "If you can believe you can work your way out of a straight-jacket, then maybe you can work your way out of poverty."

I so believe in that.  These guys are DEMONSTRATING the beliefs I hold precious - if only the belief in REAL magic.  Although a majority of people will look at these things and prefer to remain in ignorance - helpless, and futureless.  Like frickin alcoholics.


OK - this is interesting...  Some company wants to develop a subdivision to the EAST of Rockford, in a different county.  But they want it to be part of a TOWN.  So they are asking a town to the WEST of Rockford to annex it, Pecatonica.  So....  Pecatonica would annex the subdivision even though the subdivision would be 15 miles to the east of it, on the other side of Rockford, in a different county!  This is permitted by a new loophole in Illinois law, which some folks are fighting - and thankfully local politicians are against it.  I think it's weird.  Hell - why doesn't Rockford just annex like Alaska or something, for all the tax revenue???

MORE SECURITY STUFF - I know people don't respond to these, but I feel they are important, even if they help just one peoples...

Due to a window of opportunity, my internet explorer was attempted to be hijacked through - omg - MCAFEE'S SITE ADVISOR!  So I went ahead and uninstalled both programmes and then washed my registry.  It is REALLY helpful to have several browsers installed on your comp in case one gets attacked.  I have Mozilla Firefox and Flock.  Nice things about Firefox are that it is protected by some security programmes; it allows you to block cookies for-session-only, and  it has a great spell-check like when I need to post LJ entries w/o being retarded.

Flock has a nice interface with photobooth!

So I am downloadning new IE and McAfee via Firefox.

What else... getting some stuff done - ordering ten free flowering trees from Nat'l Arbor Day Foundation because I still insist on doing gardening.

only 84 degrees!  brrrrrr....!

oh - i left a little hot pepper out the other night to see of the mice would take it

they did!

my friends...

be good to your mice...

love them...

for tomorrow they die.

ok take care

PS - i don't think we should really worry about these mega-tornadoes...  They're just trying to become hurricanes.  And soon....  they WILL be.  That won't be so bad, will it?

Has anyone noticed that storm systems near the great lakes have been acting more and more cyclonic lately?  I don't remember anything like this.  Of course, I've been ostrichized.
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